A thunder followed by heavy rain accompanied the woman on the photo, when she sang herself free with The Note from Heaven.

As we were only women, she undressed and ran to our closed garden embrasing the world with her gratitude.
You can sing your Self free from traumas that have their origin in this life, the womb or previous lifetimes with the help of The Note from Heaven.

The utilised method is called Regressive Cell-singing.
 A Danish psychologist, who has completed Githa BD´s two-year education, considers Regressive Cell-Singing to be the most direct way to get in contact with the subconscious mind. 

We are all originally born in tune, with a beautiful composition in our cell structure, a matrix, which contains our full potential, and which is reflected in our voice. In Regressive Cell-singing The Note from Heaven is used as a tuning fork to retune cells to their former harmony.  

Any notes, sounds or outbursts that genuinely express The Note from Heaven, can release blocked energy imprisoned in the Singer’s body as trauma. The process starts a cell-dance, which reorganizes the body into its original balanced matrix.  

The Method can work alone, but also in combination with any other kind of therapy. Essentially, when you sing your Self free you spit out the poisoned piece of apple and return to life, just as Snow White did when the prince kissed her and awoke her from her deep sleep in the glass coffin.

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