From the Introduction of “The Note from Heaven”

“In 1986 my singing teacher in India, Mangala Tiwari, said to me: ‘Go home, and sing “Aaar” on your root note for one hour every day.’ In fact, this single instruction is really everything you need to know. Anyone who perceives the value of this instruction and follows it will be whirled into a process of spiritual development.”


In the beginning there was sound. With sound everything was created. You are sound. 
The Note from Heaven is a sacred and simple healing tool for liberating your true voice and hereby reconnecting to your higher Self.

You cannot fake The Note from Heaven. 
Resonance is or isn´t.

The Note from Heaven is a healing power that any soul on Earth can reconnect to. It is free and always at hand.

The Note from Heaven is the tonal expression of a divine state that we all have within us and we can all contact.

The Note from Heaven is not, in itself, the goal. Its function is to free the voice, and through that to expand consciousness. It balances the body’s energy system, in preparation for conscious work with meditation and healing and for expressing yourself directly from the heart through song. It develops your intuition, your ability to sense and trust that what feels good deep inside is truly valid.

When you experience the Note from Heaven, the note seems to sing you, rather than you singing it. Therefore my method is addressed to all readers who have an interest in spirituality.

My teacher and beloved freind, Mangala Tiwari photograohed in the roof of Gangamahal, Varanasi at the riverbank of Ganga.



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