This page starts with a selection of my own cases followed by cases from educated certified sound healers or from students at my educational program in Vocal Sound Therapy.

What I see, working with sound healing and regressive cell-singing, is an ongoing release of traumas, cures and healings, recoveries from: having pain, lack of self esteem, depression, stress etc. Therefore, it’s worth gold, if you who have experienced positive changes consulting my students, concerts, education, workshops, therapy and healings, would – please note it and mail it to
If you’ll allow it, some of  the stories, will then be posted on this page.

The two women on the photo particitpated in Regressive Cell-singing. I remember their séance very clearly because it was outstanding. The one woman opened herself up to The Tone from Heaven, revealing a history of a dramatic birth in Italy in the Middle Ages (regression). Suddenly, the other woman started to cry, (there was a total of 5 clients present) and was grabbing for her heart, gasping as if she was choking. I didn’t relate it to the class itself but thought, she was having a heart attack or something in that area. “It’s me, ……, me, who’s that child”, she staggered, weakly. The two women, then sang their traumas free, and the birth was released both for the mother and child. The rest of us witnessed a very touching reunion.

Selection of cases of Regressive Cell-singing/Sound healing by Githa Ben-David

(More cases available in my books "The Tone from Heaven" and "Sound is Life" (Danish))


Eleven years ago I got new hips and was operated twice. The first opreation went well, but in the second operation my sciatica nerve was damaged. I got a drop foot and lost the feeling and movement ability in the half part of my left leg (the foot was totally without feeling). I trained my self an regained a littel feeling and movement back so I could walk but with difficulty. After Githa BD soundhealed me I could lift my leg that high, that I first got frightened. After the healing I regained feeling in my foot, and I felt pain, probably because the old nervs came to live. I can now move my toes. It is nothing less than a miracle. The tinnitus is not gone, but it is milder after the soundscanning.


January 2017 Linda Lindberg, Nyborg, Denmark



Experience from client Lene Lauritzen, Odense:
After receiving sound healing yesterday: My back-ache lasting 18 months, after a nasty fall, having two compressed thoracic vertebras, is GONE. Also a blocked coccyx has been losened. My neck pain, not having been able to function for three months because of a severe burn out, fatigue of the suprarenal gland, is GONE. The rest of the body feels like having been run over by a truck, and therefore I am lying still, in my bed today. My head is also spinning. I was singing all evening, last night which I love, a joy which has been frozen, for years, now brought back to life. I am very emotional today. I was grand and I am very touched and thankful.

The pain returned 7-10 days later( that’s the period of time of which the sound healing is working in the body after scanning). In relation to a concert, I then gave Lene a short sound healing. Lene’s response was: Returning home, after having received sound healing, I fell asleep in the train, totally exhausted and was completely free of pain, last night. After 6 hrs, I woke up, clear in my head, for the first time in a very long time. Complete free of pain, everywhere. Even my eye, stopped hurting and the very red eye that I had was partly healed and partly white where it was red, before. I have a feeling of divine, and when I woke up, I was looking into the trees, in a meditative way, with a feeling of having been brought back to zero, something, I have only experienced before in short moments. Chaotic thoughts (stress), were gone. A forceful feeling of gratefulness, being grateful, while tears are just running over my cheek. Experiencing this feeling, is so beautiful. Lene has been symptom and pain free from these treated issued, since.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chief Physician Jan Helge Larsen, participated in a one-day-course and took my instructions, seriously: He sang himself free of oedema in the retina and tested himself, afterwards. The sight had become almost normal and was becoming even better, the following week. He shared his experiences on the Danish TV show Aftenshowet DR, March 1, 2011.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


A woman, with inflammation into the cerebral cortex and behind the right eye, caused by a piece of skin, growing inwards, was about to have surgery in the brain. The upcoming operation filled her with fear, on top of another, critical condition in her private life, as well. During the first free-singing, the fester started to drip out of her right eye. The client, continued singing at home and was then able to sing some quite amazing undertones. She had three consultations with me, and later continued with sound massage therapy with singing bowls, closer to her home, visualising and singing, daily. At a check-up at the hospital before surgery, the doctor considered the inflammation to be gone, and didn’t see any reason for surgery.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Singing undertones by a woman’s leg, she seemed very far away. Meaning, she stopped answering my questions. 15 minutes later, after waking up, she first said:” I was under general anaesthesia and I wanted to scream but was taken into the dark”! When I later contacted her, asking to write down her experience, she remembered nothing. But yes, she had gotten rid of 4 out of 5 allergies, and when she put some thought to it, she did remember the allergies starting, shortly after being under general anaesthesia at the age of 12, a fearful experience. She is the only person, I’ve ever found to react so strongly, by going under general anaesthesia, even if, I must admit that, many do fall into a deep sleep by vocal sound healing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Deafness (selected cases)

A woman, suffering from migraine, had sound healing. The following day, she told me, she had had no sleep at night because of the neighbors partying. She had then tried turning her deaf ear towards the noise, discovering her hearing had returned. I had no idea she had had a deaf ear.

A man at the age of 89, totally deaf, had his hearing back in such a degree that he was able to communicate with his surroundings. Earlier, he had communicated only in writing. He had been deaf since the age of 75 and had three consultations. The last one with a breakthrough was a combination of sound healing and Alexander therapy.

An 11 year- old girl, had been using hearing aids since the age of five and was diagnosed to have a normal hearing after having three sound healings. The last one, probably being unnecessary. The doctors found no explanation for her, being cured. Earlier, they had given up, giving her surgery. Today, 9 years later, Sofie still has her normal hearing.

A woman at the age of 55 had reduced hearing and a buzzing in her ear. After one treatment, she has no problems, anymore.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Jytte Johansen, singer, social educator, specialized in ADHD and autism, contacted me, wanting to do experiments with ADHD. Two girls suffering badly, one at the age of 15, thrown out from several schools because of violent behavior, had been placed in family care for support, had been admitted to psychiatric care, cutting herself…….The other woman at the age of 30, had been admitted to hospital for an anorexia nervosa, anxiety and had been medicated wrongly, as if having a personality disorder. She had then been diagnosed with ADHD. She never had been able to keep a job …. We saw the girls in consultation twice a week for a month for vocal sound therapy, then once a week for a month. Both women recovered remarkably well.

The 15 year old, returned to school again, losed her medicine and became well-functioning. Today, she works for a home improvement company. 
The 30 year old woman got her period while in therapy (it had been missing for 12 years). She started being aware of her emotions again,started to feel her self and got confronted with her fear. We supported her, even if she’s had a hard time, doing so. She got a boyfriend and started working. Both females would have liked to continue the therapy - but the local authorities wouldn't cooperate with us, as the method in their eyes is hollistic and alternative.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Two movies are to be found on Youtube, one with a man and one with a woman, both “cured” for tinnitus, meaning that a sound which has been there for years, disappears, one by a sound scanning, lasting two minutes, the other 15 minutes.

Both recordings were live - one in Park Bio, Copenhagen with two Danish television hosts Anders and Peter Lund Madsen. During the TV show a man, Peter Dons, from the audience came forward to volunteer for a display.

In the same time as former firefighter Henning Dons’  tinnitus disappeared, the Danish TV channel TV2 was interviewing the owner of Park Bio, because his tinnitus disappeared as well in the same time as Henning Dons’ did, on stage. The owner of the place was standing far away by the Entrance. But that movie cut was never used or mentioned on the TV show. The other recording on Youtube was made by another TV channel TV2 East News. They were supposedly doing a feature about my work but demanded at the last minute, that I’d demonstrate on a client. I announced for one on Facebook and within an hour Jette Byrdal was lying on my couch. The link is for this feature:

Her tinnitus completely disappeared on both ears. Two days later, it returned but lower. After receiving two more sound healings from me, it was removed, and has been gone, ever since.

This does far from, happen to everyone. The soundscanning is working in about 50 % of the cases and the chances are biggest when the tinnitus is caused by high noise or sound.
Sussi Bodin, from Norway, has experienced sound healing a bad tinnitus every other day  for 24 days. The twelfth time it was missing on both ears. This again speaks for an intense treatment program,  possibly, being the way in the future.

A combination of regressive cell-singing followed by sound healing (a consultation lasting two hrs): Two cases, seem to may have created a breakthrough, in the way of giving sound healing for tinnitus. In both cases, it was women, who before receiving sound healing from me, had been singing themselves free from one or more traumas. Right after the sound healing their ears were quiet or with a very low sound left. The question is, if the tinnitus will stay away? Fact is, though, that it’s movable. This is what one of the women wrote, the day after the sound healing (both women had them):

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tinnitus and Anxiety from my client Malyta:

My tinnitus is still remarkably quiet - even after doing a little dusting which activates it even further, normally. Now, I hope, it’ll last.

For some time, now, I’ve been terribly troubled and anxious, you know, - even taking a walk outside our house. I’ve been afraid of falling - passing out - drop down dead - yes, all sorts of things.

Now, I’ve just been for a little walk - by myself - and I have made sounds, while walking -  from deep down. Good thing we’re living, in the countryside.

BUT - the anxiety wasn’t able to catch me - I could breathe - felt a wonderful relief, inside.

Something has happened - and I am grateful …….

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chronic tensions in hip/thigh disappeared from two sound healings, taking place on two successive days. It happened on a vacation and speaks for, that an intense period of therapy, ex. during some sort of holiday, may be impressive.

A woman whom for years wasn’t able to bend her left knee, suddenly was able to move it again after Regressive Cell-singing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A female manager on sick leave for six months because of a serious stress condition, sang herself free with a voice as clean as a bell (she thought herself to be tone-deaf), deeply moved, with a sense of getting in touch with her departed child (a trauma taking place, ten years earlier). Ever since, she has been able to find the notes herself, when needing to and she is back to work as normal and has recaptured the joy of life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A depressed female, lost her depression after Regressive Cell-singing, once, followed up by daily singing with my CD Rising. Singing gave her the last needed breakthrough into the light, apparently. She had been working with a good psychologist for several years, previously.

A young girl has let go of antidepressant medication after being admitted to hospital. It’s never in the honour of the regressive cell-singing/sound healing but always the client’s ability to open up to the light, to receive the transformations with a flexible ego. It’s my opinion that the song soften the armour. The girl, herself, continues singing with the CD Rising.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A woman with a tumour in the throat, among other places and partially paralysed vocal chords, had her speech improved, and the tumour, in the throat which was measured, at the hospital, two days after, her return from the workshop, was decreased to half the size. They (hospital) had almost given up, on her.

A woman with cancer in between liver, lymphs, chest, lungs…. given up on by the healthcare system. Combined sound healing/ singing free with vitamin C injections, massage, exercise and a healthy sugar-free diet, at home, (after having monthly long treatments in China by cementation of the area and herb cures).

When she avoided singing, she would lose her strength and so the singing became a must, for her on a daily basis. She was and is incredibly tough and has survived against all odds. She is alive and well, today and working.

Annie’s story  - 18 months after the healthcare system, has given up on Annie, she becomes an X-ray.  In short: her pleura cancer has lessened, in the worst area of the right lung. In the middle is suspended, apparently but in the left side, it has become worse. As Annie has become better, in general and takes only half the amount of medicine (cortisol) as before, both she and I, are disappointed with the result. We did, however, get a valuable experience: In the left side A never felt the vibrations from the music (Rising the CD in which she has bathed herself in sound, daily). Generally, she has felt a reaction, in the right side, only. That means, A, now experiments with the location of the speakers, as well as putting her mind to listening with her left side, too. As a result, she succeeds in moving the cells, in the other side, too. So thanks to the x-ray and the general healthcare system! Just imagine, if we hadn’t gotten that information, before it was too late! Sensing the vibrations, does matter, indeed.

A cancer tumour (inguinal-lymph) reduces from the size of an egg to a piece of candy, in a few minutes, during sound healing with undertones. The lymph is clearly emptied for fluid. The doctor, scientist and sound healer Audun Myskja has stated that sound, has activated the lymph system, the most important organ of the immune protection ( translated in own words).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Selection of cases from sound therapists educated by Githa Ben-David

Certified Vocal Sound Therapist Jytte Johansen, Aarhus:


The client had been diagnosed with a severe depression and sang it free (one session). Hasn’t been depressed ever since. (6 months ago) January 2016

Oppression in the head and anxiety

The client had a feeling of oppression in the head and tension in the neck. Had been suffering from that, for many years. Had four sessions. Sang it free several times, followed by sound healing. The client had the tension around the neck and the feeling of oppression in the head, released and sang her self free, then discovered, that her trouble in life, was not being afraid of dying but that she had been afraid of living. (She had had a traumatic experience in her childhood, where she had been close to dying, twice).

Mired forefoot and tinnitus

The client had five sessions and was instructed by me, doing breathing exercises, which afterwards, the client had been practising, all summer. four months later, the client contacted me, telling that she didn’t suffer from a mired forefoot any longer and her tinnitus, was gone.


A client got a treatment for his tinnitus 1½ years ago. It is still gone after 1½ years.

Stress and pain

Jytte has had good results with headache, back pain, stress and the feeling of unease in the body (last-mentioned on Skype). The pain and stress went away after the treatment.


 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cert Sound Therapist, Jette Stockholm Svendborg


Reduced to almost none after four sessions of sound scanning.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lene Lauritzen, Cert Sound Therapist, Odense
Ilnesses and disorders cured or remarkably bettered: *All names and cases logged and on file*

Tinnitus removed a very old and loud one, by one sound scanning. Has bettered several, some by one session, some by several.

Fear of heights: A woman had never passed a bridge in her car, in her life about 50 years old.. Had  3-4 sessions. Met client by coincidence 6 months later, she had been crossing her first bridge with no anxiety, shortly after seeing me and still has no fear of heights.

Furthermore helped people recovering from: depression, stress, Oppression in the diaphragm, broken toe ( was swollen, black, very painful, made sound scanning, once, following day, it had normal colour and the client could walk, without pain, four days later, it was no longer broken and client was able to walk, almost normal)., Sprained ankle (client, a dancer, had fallen down from the stage and wasn’t able to finish performance, or stand on the foot, had one sound scan and performed the following day, with no sprain or pain left). Grinding of teeth ( a client has stopped, grinding her teeth after having received sound healing. This dancer has had a number of sound scans for different dance injuries, and the grinding teeth, disappeared as a bonus.) Back injuries and back pain, chronic pain, whiplash: a number of clients have been cured. One, psychotherapist, with a very bad and old injury, preventing that she couldn’t lift her one arm. Had had severe pain in the back, for years after an accident. had a marked improvement and became pain free. After the 2nd session, there was a big improvement. Had 4 all together. - One client, was in everlasting pain because of several accidents, and had been unable to work. She was lifted and got rid of the pain, now has her own company. Sleeping trouble cured for several clients. Torn ligament (a client, psychotherapist, had had much trouble and had years back stopped playing handball, Now she was on vacation and had planned to hike for a week. Had to give up because of too much pain. After one sound scanning, she returned hiking all week as planned with no pain, left. Oedema in the back from cancer, the oedema was removed twice by one sound scanning for great relief. The client didn’t choose to continue with sound, as the doctors told her it would be unwise. The client suffered from chronic cancer and had an improved energy after both healings. Recurrent sinusitis: A client, Japanese Acupuncturist had suffered from this most of his life (a man about 50 years old), after three sound healings it never returned. Emotional Stagnation and Loss of strength of life: Has helped several back on track by Regressive Cell-singing, free-singing in regression and sound scanning/healings, moving out of stagnation, regaining power, holding their heads back, high.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lene Grønbech, Cert Sound Therapist, Ålborg:

Help in difficult period of life

Recommendation: By psychologist Peter Søndergård: I’ve been consulting Lene Grønbech through a difficult period of my own life, for an intensive series of sessions. I am a therapist, myself and tried sound therapy as an experiment. It has been a positive and enriching experience, both the fact of expressing sound and by receiving sound healing, has had a very strong effect on me and Lene Grønbech was brilliant, catching where I was, making intervention which resonated within me. It’s been an amazing experience receiving sound healing, feeling how Lene’s sound was vibrating in my body, liberating a great deal of energy. It’s been a very special experience because it is inexplicable, looking at, how we think about reality,normally, but I can forsure you, it’s working! More recommendations at (Danish web page)

Peter has now himself started as a student in Githa Ben-Davids education for Vocal Sound Therapy.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lykke Emilie Postborg, Cert Sound Therapist, Hvidovre


Paralysation in leg disappeared. It returned after 24 hrs.

Unexplainable Pain in arm, disappeared. After 3-4 days, some of the pain returned.

Pain from slipped disc the client’s pain diminishes after each therapy, the effect lasts uptill a week.

Tinnitus reduced

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Jeanette Clemmesen, Cert Sound Therapist, Ålborg

Severe pain and tension of both hips, the client had had the pain for many years.  After singing free and sound healing with  the spontaneous sounds I and O, the pain disappeared and has not returned.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Mette Kragelund, Copenhagen

Insomnia and severe indigestion

Effect: Better sleep, more energy, better self esteem,  the joy of socializing more, improved and improvement of digesting.

Tinnitus three years old.

Effect: By the end of the therapy, the tinnitus is gone. I haven’t been in contact with the client again.

Chronic Indigestion for two years, Social Anxiety since childhood

Effect: The Indigestion was cured after two sessions and the social anxiety was reduced.

Lack of emotional contact

Effect: Got to the bottom of own bluntedness through a genuine contact with a huge unconscious  childhood trauma. The trauma has become conscious and is contained. It effects deeply in many ways, one new experience is a new deep and caring contact to her daughter.

Stress and sadness

Effect: A deeper sense of meaning, greater self-love, reduced stress-level, a feeling of more flow in life.


 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Shela Fozzi, Ribe

Working with a woman with Alzheimer’s disease who is continuing to make much progress. Still in sound therapy.


 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Susan Andersen Cert Sound Therapist, Brønshøj

Cronic inflammation Continuous symptoms with daily coughing in the morning and soreness in the gums. Disappeared completely after one treatment. The symptoms didn’t return. (Louis)

Knee pain: After a month of severe pain in left knee, the symptoms disappeared after two sessions. Completely free of pain, afterwards (Helle)


  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Phillip Adam Dalsgaard, Silkeborg
Anxiety: A 40 year old female with much anxiety, has difficulty leaving her house and don’t dare driving her car. Today was the third time with sound therapy and the client was guidet back in time with her angel, where she finds herself in the woods with snow. Feels it to be unpleasant being alone and makes sound to that feeling at she feels a contraction in her chest, throat and auditory meatus. She becomes better. Suddenly sees herself walking through these woods. I ask her to follow herself while the other part disappears. The client returns to the now and receives sound healing from me. I have an impulse to send her back into the woods with her angel by her side looking for the other part of herself. She finds it and I ask her to draw the other half into her heart and make sound to this occurrence. It was very healing for her and touching to experience, that she no longer beside herself, so to speak, but had integrated  the forgotten teenage-part. These three sessions have made her more calm and less anxious and she is now stands more up for herself.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Birgitte Warberg Cert Sound Therapist at Vordingborg

Response from a volunteer with prolonged back pain. My pain in the back was gone, when I returned home. Today a bit of tenderness in the loin. I have as well felt a lightness in my body and soul which has gotten room to shine and embrace people on my way. Thank you for your support. Bendt Nøgaard, age 60.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Rune Elkjær, cert Sound Therapist, Langeskov.

ADHD Ida, 8 years old, 6 sessions.

Very uneasy at school. Get into trouble with the other kids, daily. School has given up on her. Get into fights with her brothers, daily. After the first session, her teacher asks what has happened to Ida, who is found to be quite calm. After the six sessions, it’s become quiet at home and at school and she has become very affectionate and joins her parents in the couch at night which didn’t happen very often, before.

Trouble sleeping, Hanne, August 1, 2015

I have suffered with troubles sleeping, due to stress, since 2012. The stress, I’ve pretty much handled but not my sleeping trouble which has stayed on. One day on Facebook I saw Githa BD was looking for volunteers for one of her students. I contacted Rune and made an appointment. All ready, after receiving  sound healing, the first time, I fell asleep quickly. It has lasted for ten days and then I arranged for another appointment. I have had four, all together, just to be sure and I am grateful, it has worked so well.

Trouble sleeping/stress, Mik.

Hasn’t slept well for about two years. After one healing, he hasn’t had trouble sleeping, ever since.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Hanna Sofia Larsen, Ålborg phone: +45 20891653

Client’s response:

Sound therapy was all new to me. It was an exciting and good experience and I clearly felt, how the sound was working in my body, releasing blocks and blockages, generating flow in the body. I had a course, being released from old traumas. The sound has a strong power as releaser. Especially, it was exciting and went deep, doing regression and sound together. Hanna Sofia, has a beautiful energy and is  a compassionate, listening, persistent and competent therapist.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Helle Hewau, Copenhagen

Selected Cases of sound healing/regressive cell singing:

A 9 yr old boy has fallen, hitting his head and has ever since had a loud tinnitus. By the first sound therapy lasting 20 minutes, he falls into a deep sleep. When awakened, the sound is gone. It returns, weakly, after a week. After the second time, it doesn’t return. The boy has been calling the therapist everyday, to inform her, that it’s still gone, and that he is very happy.

A man in his fifties suffers, among other things, from aphasia after having a thrombosis, seven years earlier, which made him paralysed on his right side. He receives sound healing, two consecutive days in a week, for six weeks. Followed by twice every two weeks. All together 18 times healing, in three months.

The first weeks, his mood and quality of life rises, markedly. The client gets more energy and feel like doing more things. Gradually, he starts speaking more, and takes initiatives, more often. His vocabulary becomes a little better and he is better at communicating. His memory and concentration is improved, markedly, as well, and he is able to plan further ahead. He becomes able to multitasking without problems. At a group, he attends, the staff also notices these improvements, above mentioned. A fear of heights is also cured.


A woman has suffered from severe headaches, over the left eye, for some time. After the first therapy, the headaches wear off but returns in a milder version after a few days. After the second therapy, a week later, is wears completely off. The sound healing also loosens tension in the neck and loin.


A younger woman has suffered from an unexplainable dizziness, for several years. She sometimes is a little dizzy, sometimes a lot but it never stay away, completely. After the first therapy, it wears off, completely and it lasts for three weeks, then it returns and she receives another three sessions, and it wears off, slowly, meaning that she experiences free of dizziness, for periods of time, every day. We discover that it helps her making rattle sounds, during a healing, which she starts doing, every time she feels dizzy. She receives another three healings and the dizziness, wears off completely. If it arises, she makes rattle sounds a few minutes until it stops. She had eczema, which also disappeared.


A woman is hard of hearing and has a bad tinnitus. She feels isolated at work, as she has difficulty participating in conversations with many people present at a large table. She doesn’t feel heard and she has a big need to talk. The first weeks, she receives sound healing, once a week, the tinnitus changes. During the healing, it vanishes, all together and returns after a few hours and the sounds in her ear becomes deeper. She normally wakes at night with high screaming tones in her ear, that stops totally, after the first therapy. She starts working with the note from Heaven, singing Aaahh every day for ten minutes, to a tuning fork. She is to let her emotions be and concentrate on singing. She starts singing 2 x 10-15 minutes per day and receives sound healing once a week. Her need for talking reduces and her hearing improves, markedly after a couple of months and the tinnitus is markedly, reduced to a buzzing. The client who was singing out of key, now sings in key.


An elderly man used hearing aids and is almost deaf. He receives healing once a week for six weeks and he is able to function without hearing aid, though a reduced hearing, remains.


A woman facing a complicated divorce, is stressed, angry and sad and troubled. After the first healing, she goes to sleep immediately, when going to bed, for the first time, in months. She sleeps through and wakes up, feeling well rested. Normally her thoughts spin ‘till two o’clock in the morning. She receives healing once a week, for four weeks. She sleeps impeccably and becomes calm and able to enter mediation with her ex-husband.


A woman with clogged ears after a cold, sits in at her husband’s sound healing for hard of hearing, which she has done before and has felt lifted up, by the sound. Now she feels the sound hurting her ears and she sticks her fingers in them. After ten minutes, the clogging wears off as well as the pain.






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