Githa Ben-David's International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy often takes place at the Egmont folk high school. Here you can see some photos of the lovely place and the surroundings.
The address is: Egmont Højskolen, Villavej 46, 8300 Odder, Denmark.

You can also see some photos from Githa's previous courses here.

There are 11 houses in all

We live in the holiday homes (ferieboliger)

Large kitchen/living room

Living room with fire place

Living room with extra beds

A bedroom

Washing machine

Terrace with grill

View from the houses to the folk high school

Dining hall from the outside

Dining hall from the inside

Lecture hall for all students

Lecture hall (the tables will be removed)

Wood spiral

Wood spiral from another angel

Bonfire place

Disc golf

Wood sculpture

Wood sculpture

Detail of wood sculpture

Stone sculpture

Sauna with dressing room and shower

Sauna and tennis court


Swimming hall 200 meters from our houses

View from the dining hall to the beach with bridge

View of bridge from the beach

View of bridge from the water

Bridge with steps

A walk on the beach

A walk on the beach in the opposite direction

My son is making popcorn on the beach with Hou Marina in the background

My son is making popcorn on the beach with "our" bridge in the background

Light and trees




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