Here you can read a selection of testimonials from former course participants at Githa Ben-David's International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy, The Note from Heaven.

You can also see some photos from Githa's previous courses here.

Hi Everybody on planet Githa. I really hope you are all healthy, happy and singing. I think of all of you soooo often.
What a magical week in Feb.´20, and with the Corona lock-down afterwards, I believe we were lucky to get a community pick-me-up. Ready for battle. So, as you know: Githa and Mayaya gave me a big healing session on our course, to help me with my lupus stage 3.
So what happened after:
Well I came home. On my 2. day I got super depressed.
Really body/soul-numbing depression. Healing crisis.
Luckily Githa was ready to catch me, and guide me through this confusion.
I think the course was really good for me, but maybe a bit much for my soul 
I was depressed for about 1-2 months, and then the feeling of ease started.
I know healing takes a long time, so this journey is for life.
After, I had a huge need to sing in nature, which really triggered my "perfect" singing gen...but we are working on that one.
So today, 18/8 2020, I am a very different place. I have actually never felt better. I sleep well. I have great dialogues with my body, which is amazing, as I have a past with bulimia. Listening was not my biggest accomplishment.
I feel the course really cleared some negative pathways. People are coming to me for my energy work (online and real), and things are just happening. Getting new fantastic energy tools and opportunities to treat abroad and I am actually earning money/donations.
I am so grateful to have had this fantastic week, with so many wonderful people and your energy. Thank you thank you.
Jeanne Rosendal Søltoft (Denmark), 2020

And what a course! Incredible, what happened to all of us. I'm so full of gratitude and joy. It's as if I - no, not as if: I have come alive in a completely indescribable new, pure, bubbling lightly being just opening up new horizons with unlimited wealth of wealth. No, I might as well refrain from trying to find words that cover; I can't.
Nini Prætorius, Professor in psychology and philosophy, Member of the Community of Experts, European Science Foundation - from 2017 (Denmark), 2020

Today, I am on my way home from Denmark after my third course in 'Vocal Sound Therapy' with Githa Ben-David. A course that gives me hope, which makes me happy and fills me with energy. A course where I can use my voice to do good. A course where I often have to challenge my comfort zone and accept things that from the beginning are far from what I'm used to. Far from what I've learned in my 'normal' life. But which many times in a way still feels like 'home'. Sides of me that have always existed, but which I have kept hidden many times. So, my friends, in the future you will probably get me even more as I am. It will not work to 'hide' sides of me anymore - it takes too much energy. And I'm still mostly the same as always, just a little more. Hugs to you.
Hanna Walsö (Sweden), 2019

It was an amazing week, Githa. I’ve never experienced anything like it. To spend a whole week surrounded by loving and supportive people was quite something. To be able to be completely myself without filtering what I talk about was nourishment for the soul! The way you run the course, with such love and compassion and humour made the week for me.
Ingela Doyle (England), 2019

I just want to thank you again for a great week. Wow, I have no words for how many emotions, thoughts and ideas the course has set in motion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Anne-Mette Møllegaard Jensen (Denmark), 2019

I attended a week long course with Githa in Ireland in April 2018. The course was training in Vocal Sound Therapy. The course was done through English and 30 people attended mostly from Europe and one American.
I work with music for a living so I understand the importance of music and sound and how it can effect our mood and well being. The course blew me away with the power of the human voice and how it can heal deep traumas within on one level and how it can harmonise our very being on another level. The course has a mixture of lectures from Githa from her book 'The Note From Heaven' and exercises and practise with other participants in small groups. It was an early start each morning from 7am to 9am with yoga and breathing and Hung Song method which helps with rebalancing the endocrine system. I am not a morning person but I found I had a really good energy when I was doing the course as the exercises and daily practises really energised my being.
Githa has a lovely relaxed style when sharing her lifelong knowledge of sound healing and was able to hold the space for everything to go smoothly. Some of the work was quite intense particularly when she was dealing with deep rooted trauma when giving a demonstration but it was always handled in a soft gentle supportive safe way which helped with the overall healing on the course. The course was well run and the food was organic vegan/vegetarian and staff at the venue were so helpful and respectful.
I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in developing the voice as a healing mechanism or tool. We all have this power within our voice if we allow ourselves to connect to spirit. Githa has a genuine love and passion to teach others to use their voice in a positive way to heal others. I will continue with this practice and plan to complete the four weeks training over the next few years.
Aidan Kavanagh, Music Supervisor, Music Consultant, Dj, Teacher, Carer (Ireland), 2018

The warmest thank you for a fantastic retreat. It’s a brilliant education you have pieced together - and very vibrant. It’s just as much a space for the magic as it is presentation, experience and training.
Gry Buhrkall (Denmark), 2018

Just returned from an incredible week with Githa Ben-David and 30 students at the Cliffs of Moher retreat in Ireland. Your teachings are from heaven here on earth. The Note from Heaven hits me straight into my soul and resonates with every step. And today I went straight on with a sound healing, given to my neighbour. Love light and deep gratitude for showing me this path. Looking forward to work with you again.
Nanette Creemers (The Netherlands), 2018

Thank you so much for the week. It made a deep impact for my life and lead me back to the feeling, that I know who I am and what I really want. This was possible because I got in contact with my feelings again and lost the fear of feeling them, even the bad ones. With the work we did and the work that I will do in the future I am confident to live a life in love and honesty to myself and to my partner.
The Note from Heaven is such a great tool not only to get in contact with the own inner being but also as a tool for healing and opening the heart of others who want to be touched. I am looking forward to seeing you all again. The group was very special to me because of a lack of judgement. I had the feeling, that I could be how I am. Thank you also for your guidance because a group is defined not only by all participants but by the leader. And we all felt very thankful that you lead us through this wonderful week in beautiful Ireland.
Herbert Dachs (Austria), 2018

The new structure of the education is so FANTASTIC. You really get the method under the skin when you are working so intensively with the sound in a whole week.
Christa Waldorff, actress and vocal sound therapist (Denmark), 2017

You have been a fantastic inspiration for me, and my Note from Heaven practice has been helping me personally a great deal. Our week with you was amazing - I got so much from it, thank you immensely.
Christine Carol (United Kingdom), 2017

Thank you so much for a fantastic and shocking course! I am both happy and shaken in my soul. I had never imagined that I should be able to heal others... I just want to say thank you and I expect to attend the next course.
Iben Mazanti, music teacher and performer (Denmark), 2017

Thank you a thousand times for an indescribably luminous week. I’m looking so much forward to the Spring course! I have just had a session with my mother and her tinnitus went down from 8-9 to 5. That was a really good first experience, and I just want to go out over the steppes and practice on ‘guinea pigs’.
Inez Dahlbæk (Denmark), 2017

I participated in the 7 day long course in the Winter at Githa’s new sound therapist education, and I got overwhelmingly much out of it and I will definitely come back. I recommend it most highly to all other fully-trained sound therapists. It’s a wonderful combination of continuing education, self-development and a united sound family party!
Jette Raal Stockholm, biologist (Denmark), 2017

Thank you a thousand million times for a really great course in every way. I have got such a great gift with me home from Heaven and from you and from all the other participants. I have already signed up for the course in November!
Pernille Bjerremose, Master of Humanistic Palliative Care - MHP (Switzerland), 2017

I would like to thank you for a truly splendid and deeply moving week. I felt I was among gods and goddesses and receiving inspirational teaching as well as being cared for by so many kind and loving people.
Roger Potter, scientist (Wales, UK), 2017

Thank you for a wonderful course, Githa. I really feel that my voice has opened up by following your teachings, and I also feel so inspired to write music. I will definetly join your course again. It has really been transformative and powerful for me. Thank you.
Stine Grøn, professionel singer (Denmark), 2017

It has been a fantastic week. Something really unique came out of it. We still have high vibrations in the body and we have learned much. Thank you for it all. Thanks for being you!
Tom, economist (Denmark), 2017

Dear Githa, it was a great time together with you. You did a top week. I enjoy your warmness a lot. It teached me as well how to make more contact with the spiritual world.
Tonnie Brands (the Netherlands), 2017

Thank you for, yes to to put it briefly a life-changing week in Hou. It is a long time since I have felt so fundamentally happy, grateful and at home. The good thing about it is that the feeling continues here at home.
Øivind Sweingaarde, sound designer (Norway), 2017


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