Here you can read a selection of testimonials from former course participants at Githa Ben-David's International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy.

You can also see some photos from Githa's previous courses here.

The new structure of the education is so FANTASTIC. You really get the method under the skin when you are working so intensively with the sound in a whole week.
Christa Waldorff, actress and vocal sound therapist (Denmark), 2017

You have been a fantastic inspiration for me, and my Note from Heaven practice has been helping me personally a great deal. Our week with you was amazing - I got so much from it, thank you immensely.
Christine Carol (United Kingdom), 2017

Thank you so much for a fantastic and shocking course! I am both happy and shaken in my soul. I had never imagined that I should be able to heal others... I just want to say thank you and I expect to attend the next course.
Iben Mazanti, music teacher and performer (Denmark), 2017

Thank you a thousand times for an indescribably luminous week. I’m looking so much forward to the Spring course! I have just had a session with my mother and her tinnitus went down from 8-9 to 5. That was a really good first experience, and I just want to go out over the steppes and practice on ‘guinea pigs’.
Inez Dahlbæk (Denmark), 2017

I participated in the 7 day long course in the Winter at Githa’s new sound therapist education, and I got overwhelmingly much out of it and I will definitely come back. I recommend it most highly to all other fully-trained sound therapists. It’s a wonderful combination of continuing education, self-development and a united sound family party!
Jette Raal Stockholm, biologist (Denmark), 2017

Thank you a thousand million times for a really great course in every way. I have got such a great gift with me home from Heaven and from you and from all the other participants. I have already signed up for the course in November!
Pernille Bjerremose, Master of Humanistic Palliative Care - MHP (Switzerland), 2017

I would like to thank you for a truly splendid and deeply moving week. I felt I was among gods and goddesses and receiving inspirational teaching as well as being cared for by so many kind and loving people.
Roger Potter, scientist (Wales, UK), 2017

Thank you for a wonderful course, Githa. I really feel that my voice has opened up by following your teachings, and I also feel so inspired to write music. I will definetly join your course again. It has really been transformative and powerful for me. Thank you.
Stine Grøn, professionel singer (Denmark), 2017

It has been a fantastic week. Something really unique came out of it. We still have high vibrations in the body and we have learned much. Thank you for it all. Thanks for being you!
Tom, economist (Denmark), 2017

Dear Githa, it was a great time together with you. You did a top week. I enjoy your warmness a lot. It teached me as well how to make more contact with the spiritual world.
Tonnie Brands (the Netherlands), 2017

Thank you for, yes to to put it briefly a life-changing week in Hou. It is a long time since I have felt so fundamentally happy, grateful and at home. The good thing about it is that the feeling continues here at home.
Øivind Sweingaarde, sound designer (Norway), 2017


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