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Githa Ben-David was born in Juelsminde, Denmark, 23 November 1961, into an atheist family from a Protestant background. From 1985 to 1993 Githa went to India six times to study classical Khyal singing with Mangala Tiwari. She married an Israely and lived in Israel 1994 to 1998, working as a musician, therapist and composer. Today she lives in Denmark with her two sons and her husband, Lars Muhl (author, composer and singer).

•  Trained and educated in classical saxophone at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory

•  Studied India n song in Varanasi, India, sponsored by the Danish Music 
Council and the Danish Royal Music Conservatory

•  Educated as a healer in the Mystical Therapy system by Master José in 


Musical career

• Performed with Chægs Bluesband, Atilla Engin Group, Giraf, Conservatory Big Band, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Sultan Big Band, Acapulco Salsa band various groups in Israel, as a duo with Omri Ben- David (north Indian song/tabla), Pia Boysen (organ/classical saxophone) and Lars Muhl (vocals/guitar/piano)

• Member of DJBFA (Danish Jazz, Beat, and Folk-Authors) 

• Written and performed theatre music for Anatomic Theatre, Bustan Ha Siporim (approximately 300 performances, Israel), Notzot ba Ruach (storytelling, Israel)

* Is Writing Songs for musical projects with Lars Muhl and her sons Peleh and GHil Ben-David and her own projects.


Current work

• Runs Gilalai Institute of Energy and Consciousness (including Gilalai Publishing) with Lars Muhl
• Leader of certificated course in Vocal Sound Therapy
• Runs courses in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe

• Runs a Mystery School together with Lars Muhl
• Gives concerts and lectures

• Composer and author

• (Danish) 

• (film channel for Gilalai: Demonstration of 
Breathing, the Note from Heaven, Sound Healing etc.)



Book publications: 

Tonen fra Himlen, Borgen, 2002 

Syng dig Fri, Universal Gratefulness, 2008

Lyd er Liv , Gilalai Publishing, 2011

Terapeuternes Mysterieskole (with Lars Muhl), Gilalai Publishing, 2012 

The Songs of Lars Muhl & Githa Ben-David, Gilalai Publishing; 2015
Liluja (novel), Gilalai Publishing, 2015 

Books and CDs can be purchased at
The practice recordings for The Note From Heaven can be downloaded for free at: 


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