Concerning booking of sound healing

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Unfortunately, Githa Ben-David takes a break from giving sound healings indefinitely, unless you are going to attend one of her courses on her education in Vocal Sound Therapy and would like to get in contact with her first – then it’s possible to book a Skype treatment, please contact secretary Nanna at

Githa has experienced that sound healing works just as powerfully on Skype as in practice. For example, in several cases tinnitus has either been sung completely down or has been reduced.

A list of other qualified Danish sound therapists who give both personal treatments and Skype treatments:

Camilla Lund Sørensen, Kokkedal: tinnitus, singing yourself from traumas, midwife, help to childless, baby healing etc. -

Jytte Johansen, Grenaa: singer and sound therapist with speciality in ADHD and autism. Tinnitus, regression, singing yourself from traumas, headache, backache, stress and unrest in the body, oedema etc. - - tel. +45 40 73 85 72.

Martin Delfs, Hellerup: yoga teacher, masseur and sound therapist. Cancer, physical pain, stomach etc. – tel. +45 40 40 40 63.

Peleh Ben-David, Hou (in Odder): sound therapist. Cancer, tinnitus (buzzing, deep tones), stomach, sleep problems. – tel. +45 30 24 34 01.

Pia Fredløv Hansen, Galten (near Skanderborg): clairvoyant, specialist pedagogue and sound therapist. Tinnitus, singing yourself from traumas, regression, eating disorders etc. - tel. +45 86 94 31 35.


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Concerning booking of sound healing

Here is a list of sound therapists who give both personal treatments and Skype treatments.

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