Fifteen - Spiritual, human and social Songs by Lars Muhl and Githa Ben-David. Notes, texts, stories and photos can be found in the notebook: Songs of Lars Muhl & Githa Ben-David.

Style: Singer Song writer, accoustic instruments, lots of voices, natural sound.

Musicians: Lars Muhl (Voc., organ, piano, Pipe drum (Zeros)); Githa Ben-David (Voc., guit., piano, soprano and tenor saxophone), Frank Lorentzen (guit, voc); Morten Maltesen (bas, guit); Eddie Jarl (drums and Perc);Per Møller (guit), Jon Anderschou (cello)

Special vocal guests: Ghil and Peleh Ben-David

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'The Note from Heaven' - watch the film online

The Note from Heaven, which has been shown in cinemas is now shared on Vimeo

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