Here you can read a selection of testimonials about Githa Ben-David's work.

'I participated in the webinar 'Purification of the liver' this summer. I tried it several times for a few days and discovered that if I did not use the castor oil (wrap at night), I got nausea, headaches and became sore in the body. I just needed to spend some time getting used to using the method and giving myself time for it, fitting it in, etc. I also tried to cleanse the kidneys, stomach and pineal gland at the following webinars. Then I got away from it again. But I got worse and worse over time and got swollen joints and pain in my feet, knees, hands, fingers and back. Suddenly I lost strength and became seriously worried about whether it was arthritis or what it was I was failing and whether anything could be done about it at all.
I started again on my 'liver purification'. 5 days a week. Now almost 3 weeks have passed and most of the pain and swelling have disappeared. I feel more light and supple, and can again sit in the tailor position, and my fingers can again open screw caps and carry cups and bowls, etc. In a few days I will be following your other purification videos to reach all the way around again. And repeat it all at appropriate intervals. It's something of a miracle. I'm really grateful to you!'
Lena Bugge, January 2021

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