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Jytte Johansen, Sound healer, specialized pædagogue in autism and ADHD, singer song writer. Support teacher in International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy.

Merete Johansen: Sound therapist, singer song writer, music teacher. Support teacher in International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy.

Martin Delfs: Sound therapist, Yoga teacher, sports massage. Support teacher in International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy.

Runi Gindesgaard: Sound therapist, Singer song writer, Educated in massage, Support teacher in International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy.

Lars Muhl:  My former husband and partner in Gilalai, which is now owned by me, Githa BD. We have collaborated closely around all creative processes, research, teaching – made music and written “The Therapeutic Mystery school ” together. Wrote and recorded the Albums  ”Zeros” & ”To Heal the Space Between Us” together. Beside this we have made filmmusic and songs that can be dowloaded under “downloads” in this page. 

For five years we established and led  “The Therapists Mystery School” which was rounded of in 2012.

Peleh & Ghil Ben-David: My musical sons are a great inspiration and support. Both of them are unique singers and write music/songs. They are singing in several of our recordings. Today I PT perform in concerts with them.

Ingeborg Lykke Mitchell: IC-Design. Graphical designer for Gilalai. She is dedicated, artistic and wonderful to work with. I am so happy for the frontpages she has made fx. “Help” and “Heal the Pineal”


Jane Helbo: Translation of “Sarah’s Song” from Danish to English

Janne Wind: Translation of “Help” from Danish to English 

Julie Amine Rosendahl: English Editor in “Heal the Pineal” & “Help”.

Susan Andersen: The basic translation of “The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing” from Danish to English. Susan is educated as a Vocal sound therapist.


Audun Myskja: Professor, Medical Doctor specialised in Musical Medicine, Norway

Stephanie Seneff, senior scientist, author (subject Glyphosate), Ted-talker, Boston.  

Gerald Pollack, Professor and author, Washington: The Fourth Phase of Water. Leader of Water-conferences.

Nikolai Blomquist, Denmark, scientist, DTU

Jürg Schauberger, PKS-Institute, Austria

A number og medical doctors, vets and dentists who do not wish their name to be mentioned because they risk to lose their authorisation.

Trude Simonsen, Kolding, Denmark. Dr med specialised  in detoxing heavy metals and Glyphosate/chemical poisons. Chiropractor and Heil practicioner aswell.

Books and Music

Helle Arendschneider “Psyke og Sjæl” (Gyldendals bogklub)

Helle Smedegaard

Lykke Olsen

Distribution in Denmark (bookshops): DBK

Distribution worldwide:


Tine Juel (Press photos)

Lennart Passborg (Don´t eat meat – You tube)

Thulla Warmberg (Don´t eat meat – You tube)

The Note from Heaven: Thera Hoeijmans & Jørgen Vang

Other Collaborators Abroad:

Watkinns Publishing London

O-Books, London

Michael Mann (former establisher of Element Books). Gratitude to Michael for full hearted support.

Andrew Smith& Karen Smith healers og world renown astrologists. Arranger of workshops in Ireland. Dear friends.

Caroline Hargreaves arranger of  “International Education in Vocal Sound Healing” in Norway.

Anthony & Lidiya Arnold
International Education in Vocal Sound Healing” in South of Spain at Molino Del Rey, Jorox, Alozaina. They have created the most unique spot for sound work in the mountains.

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