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Hung Song for hormonal balance (mp3-download på engelsk)


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Hung Song for hormonal balance – mp3-download på engelsk af Githa Ben-David

Engelsk udgave af den danske fil ‘Hung Song for hormonel balance’, som du finder her

A self-healing meditation where inner undertones come into play

Third part of the album ‘Hung Song’, where ‘Introduction to Hung Song’ and ‘Breathing meditation for Hung Song’ should be heard first.

Hung Song stimulates the Pineal to secrete melatonin, which relaxes you and can cause you to fall into a dream like state in between the instructions. Hung Song has proven to be effective in virtually all hormonal conditions. Your sleep gets deeper and your body’s natural ability to detoxify is optimised as the Pineal is cleansed.

Since most diseases are related to chronic storage of toxins as well as heavy metals that make us living batteries that attract radiation, Hung Song is a tool that can eliminate unbalance and anxiety at a time when we are exposed to radiation and toxins everywhere in the environment. Why? Because radiation disturb the hormonal communication in the body. Hung Song rebalances this system. So we can keep our self balanced.

When you start up, you can become breathless because long tones require you to breathe slowly and evenly from the diaphragm. It may take some time for the prolonged exhalation to integrate as a natural habbit for you, but know that it will raise your energy level considerably.

If you have problems producing the ‘Hung’-purring inner undertone, we recommend training ‘The Note From Heaven’. There is a free download of the CD from the book of the same name here on under ‘Free Downloads’.

The book ‘The Note from Heaven’ is the basis of Hung Song. Practise Hung Song and listen to your body while lying down or sitting once daily for a week and observe the effect.

If you get detoxification symptoms in the form of headaches, joint pain or swollen lymph nodes or other vigorous reactions, waterfasting and resting with pacs of raw onions in the exposed places is the most effective method of detoxification.

Hung Song is done at your own risk and you must hear the introduction to Hung Song and the Breath Meditation before singing Hung Song. Hung Song is a powerful self-healing method. In Githa Ben-Davids books ‘Help’ and ‘Heal the Pineal’ you can read about how to support the detoxification plus deepen your knowledge of the important role of your Pineal gland. Theese books will be published in English probably in the end of 2019/start of 2020.


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