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Hung Song Activation of the 12 Basic Meridians 16.-22. April

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NB: All hung song courses/webinars are required for this course. You can buy them here on the same order if you don’t have them already:
This Meridian course is for everyone who is ready to learn the 12 meridians and sing on them/be sung for, but it is also a part of Githa Ben-David’s International Education.
This means that students from the international Education will have the possibility to sound heal participators with ailments. The live meetings are held in  with google crome as your browser (free to download).
The meridians are incredible useful to keep your organism in balance. With Hung Song you can heal your own and or a receiver’s meridians, and for example improve sleep, health and general energy level.
All you have to do is to know the meridians and to hung your way through them. The hung sound will show you where there are imbalances.
So for example you will be able to diagnose which meridian will be related to a client or your own symptoms and treat it.
In this week course you prepare your self though watching 12 edited webinars with the 12 basic meridians. Each day we work with two meridians relating to two webinars.
Each day 3 hours live teaching. The time schedule is set after the participators wishes/time-zones.
Sunday the 16th of April: Spleen, Stomach
Monday the 17th.: Large Intestine, Lung
Tuesday the 18th: Liver, Gallbladder
Wednesday the 19th: San Jiao, Pericardium
Thursday the 20th: Kidney, Bladder
Friday: Small Intestine, Heart
Saturday: Full circle of Meridians
Example of a live teaching day: 9-10.30 Theory and questions, demonstration of healing the meridians with Hung song.
                                                    10.30 -11 Break
                                                    11 -12 Exercises together or in groups (activation with Hung Song and real sound)
                                                    12 -12.30 Questions and Sharing
For the full benefit of this course, it is recommended to practise activating your meridians, for example, in the evening before sleep.


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