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Aflysning af online koncert – links til de næste webinarer


Dear Friends

The Online Concert tomorrow evening th 21’st of Dec is cancelled due to problems with the sound quality. The sound mann is ill and cannot support us.

We are really sorry, because we had looked forward to this – and are already now refunding the tickets.

An other way to do this could be to record a concert and then share it, but then it is off course not live.

The photo is from our concert in the Unitarian Church Sunday te 17th of Dec in Copenhagen. The energy got really high – lightened up by more than 100 people.


Sunday the 7th of January 2024 Free Webinar: Theory and Meditation on The Du Mai, Masculine power/Father energy

Monday the 8th of January 2024 Sound healing of the Du Mai, Masculine power/Father energy:

Have a wonderful Solstice and a merry Christmas – Now we have reached the bottom of the darkness (in the North at least).

Githa Ben-David


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