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Detox Webinar (Lecture 7 International Education)


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Githa Ben-David has suffered from Lyme disease/ burning sensations in her right elbow, legs and feet for seven years (2006 -2013). Since the conventional medical care offers no healing abilities besides antibiotics, and since burning sensations cannot be observed in a blood test, it is kind of risky to suggest your Medical Doctor, if you could be tested for chronic toxic metal poisoning. Why? Because they will think you are mentally ill. Why? Because it is not in the Medical Doctors Educational programme to treat chronic toxic poisoning. They do not know anything about it. In this webinar some issues about how to detox are uncovered. It is a field that specially trained Medical Doctors aught to take care of, because the detox of poison can be risky if it get stuck somewhere in the body while getting excreted. Therefore you need to be very careful especially if you suffer from constipation and or liver/kidney problems. The liver is the main detox organ of the body. Githa Ben-David’s book “Hjælp”  (“Help”) is soon published in English. This book is written with the help of Medical Doctors who do not wish to be mentioned by name. Why? Because they can loose their authority by doing so. What if autoimmune disease is caused by environmental toxins in the body? Our experience shows that some have been cured from for example Lyme disease, Parkinsons and regained normal health only by detoxing. But be prepared for a journey. Detox your liver and kidney – balance your stomach before starting the detox. In this Webinar Sound therapist and musician, Runi Gindesgaard (who also suffered from Lyme disease and who has cured himself) is also present and tells about his experience. Heavy metals attract radiation – parasites feed on radiation.


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