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Sparkles was performed for the first and only time in the winther 1988 at the Marble Church in Copenhagen, which has a very special and long reverberation because the room is curved and round. I, Githa Ben-David, composed “Sparkles” for this amazing beautiful Church room. Susi Hyldgaard, who recently passed to the other side much too early, played the piano. She was one of the most talented musicians I have met. Vit Musil (originally from Czechoslovakia) plays the bas (also a musician with great presence and a unique expression) and I Githa play the tenor sax. For me this performance manifested as a spiritual experience as the music just unfolded exactly how I had heard it inside my head – and Yes – it sparkles of light. Part of this music piece can be heard in the film “The Note from heaven” during the images from Norway. Thank you to Susi and Vit for this experience and great memory.


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