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To Heal the Space Between Us


Format: Cd
Sprog: Engelsk
Forlag: Gilalai
Udgivelsesår: 2011
ISBN 9788799235636

SKU: 9788799235636 Categories: , Product ID: 11005


“To Heal the Space Between Us” by Lars Muhl & Githa Ben-David

Lars & Githa’s first album together offers 14 healing & spiritual founded lovesongs.


1. Time Has Come
2. Angel
3. Mountains of Light
4. In the Nakedness of You
5. In this Fire
6. Heaven
7. Prayer
8. Behind Closed Doors
9. Sacred Heart
10. Wait Wait
11. Days
12. Gratitude
13. Ana be´Koach
14. Time Has Come


In the year 1999 Lars Muhl pulled back after 30 years of music. It was a definite decision, described in his book “The Seer”. In 2010 Lars married the author, musician, sound therapist and author Githa Ben-David. The couple started a musical collaboration, which resulted in “To Heal the Space Between Us”, about which Lars says: “Had it not been for Githa, I would never have been able to write songs and sing again. When I sing with her I feel a resonance that is lifting both of our voices up above normal performance and into the Oneness.”

Githa adds: “In the meeting with Lars, I experience resonance, a resonance which is only understandable through somatic sensation, and which therefore cannot be explained by words.”

The album features: Frank Lorentzen (acoustic guitar), Niels Nello Mogensen (bass), Per Kolling (drums) and Jon Anderskou (cello).

Listen to a medley with the songs from “To Heal the Space Between Us” here:


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