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Education in Vocal Sound Therapy

There is a distinct need for vocal sound healing in our world because vocal sound healing is a free medicine, that anybody can use. With focused listening for resonance you can express under and over tone frequencies which manifest the original innate forms of energy patterns in your cells.

Githa Ben-David’s International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy provides the students to release their voices through attentive listening, recognizing who they truly are. The process supports the students in reclaiming their confidence, dissolves stress, heals the root of old traumas and free their voice to get healing quality for themselves and their fellow beings. Thus you will as a student experience how a higher source works through you and your voice.

The aim of the education is to liberate the true expression of each and every one, and to bring to light the healing qualities of the voice. No two voices are alike. Every single voice is a special gift, offering its unique qualities. This applies to the tone-deaf as well.

To ensure the quality of the therapists, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pedagogues, musicians, artists, scientists, teachers…who ever study Githa Ben-David’s methods or who supplement their work with vocal sound therapy, the participants can opt to pass an exam in vocal sound therapy. Read details under “Examination”.

The Education is based on Githa’s books ”The Note from Heaven”, ”Sing Your Self Free”, “Vocal Sound Healing”- These three books are collected in: “The Ultimate Book of Vocal Sound Theapy”. Beside this ”Help” (a personal story how to purify chronical toxification), and ”Heal the Pineal – Detox with Hung Song”. Githa Ben-David has 36 years of hands-on working experience within her field together with the experiences students over the years have contributed and continues to contribute with. The education is based on complete surrender and trust in ”The Note from Heaven”, which you can read more about in Githa Ben-David’s book of the same title.

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