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Regression with free-singing

One can use traditional regression therapy methods to lead a person into their subconscious, where they can come in contact with what is traditionally called: This life, fetal state or previous life. To that, I will add – between-lives phases – these are experienced as a floating, buzzing feeling of well-being – where you heal. Here, you can experience light – colours – images.

Most often, the motivation for going into regression is that you are suffering from a trauma and/or life pattern, which you wish to know the root cause of. Through symbolic images and/or a story, which the therapist guides the client to, an answer or an intuitive understanding of the root cause of your problems is found.

In Regression with Free-singing the client sings her/himself free from the traumatic events that the client experiences in regression to this life, phoetus life or past life. In traditional regression the client is lead to relive the main trauma, often numerous times – thereby making you more conscious of it. This is avoided in Regression with Free-singing, where the client embraces the monster/your anxiety/your trauma, and dissolves it in sound – thereby avoiding the risk of retraumatizing.

Regression with Free-singing is very similar to regressive cell-singing, and has the advantage that you forget yourself, and can be guided through a fairytale like world, where the dream landscape allows you to set free everything you are normally trying to control. In some cases I guide people with the purpose of entering between-lives phases and be healed there. When that happens, they have a divine experience.

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