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Sound scanning

Sound scan of client (model photo)

During Sound Scanning the sound therapist listens for manifestations of the undernotes of Hung Song, which, like a radio signal, gives off a special signal when it senses a trauma in a physical area calling out for attention. Once the trauma is localized, a sliding tone is added, which is tried out on different vowels. When the right timbre /wovel/note resonates with this area of the body, ”The Note from Heaven” manifests itself, just like patterns in cymatics manifests themselves on a Cladni plate. At this specific frequency, which will resonate and resurrect an original shape to for instance cells and/or blood, the sound opens up, and becomes rich on overtones. The recipient will then, in 80% of the cases, sense the sound as a delicate bubbling energy in the body. 

The right vocal frequences resonates with specific areas of the body, reshape the cells to their original structure and boosts the energy levels of the immune system. That is why Githa Ben-David’s vocal sound scanning method, where the singer continously listens for resonance, have a fundamental effect on basically any area of disease.
The voices of sound therapists have different tonalities and thereby different healing qualities. For example, Githa Ben-David’s voice achieves excellent results when it comes to tinnitus and hearing difficulties. So does a number of her students.

Fabien Maman

In 1987, Fabien Maman, a French musician and sound healer, did a number of trials that showed that out of all acoustic instruments the voice has the greatest effect, when it comes to fighting cancer cells.

This photo showa how the cancer cells explode within 9 minutes. Fabien Maman sings on cultivated Hella-cancer cells in a petri dish under a microscope.

Githa Ben-David and students have witnessed cancer tumors shrinking significantly or have disappeared completely during sound therapy/sound scanning – also during online treatment. But cancer is a complex disease, because it is often connected to trauma and/or living conditions, which the cancer patient has ‘learned to live with’. Besides, the build-up of environmental toxins has intensified – heavy metal poisoning drains the immune system. It is vital to give yourself time to allow the body to go through the ”healing crisis”, where the detox does not become too radical.

That is why it is better to do sound therapy in smaller doses (15 minutes max), preferably daily. Online sound healing is perfect, since you can divide the treatment into doses without the toll of transportation on the patient.

A girl with hearing loss, 11 years old had hearing aids from the age of 5 and could not follow what was said in the school due to her deafness.

Her mother brought her to me for a sound scanning. I sound-scanned her without hearing-aids, and as the girl could hear better after the treatment, we decided that she should try to manage without her hearing-aid a couple of hours every day, in order to register if the hearing continued to be improved.

After a second half hour treatment, the girl seemed to hear normal. Half a year later, she got a third treatment right before the yearly hearing test in the hospital.  The test showed that her hearing had become normal (see the fourth image, right corner). The Doctors was not able to explain how that was possible. Today the girl is grown up, mother to a child and works as a midwife. She has still normal hearing (suffered from otosclerosis).

The grown up girl makes a testimony in the film: “The Note from Heaven”


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