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The Note from Heaven

The Note from Heaven is an overtone-rich sound that arises when one opens the voice in surrendering to “Aar” in ones ground note – a rather deep sound, that can be song effortlessly. The Note from Heaven sets the mind and thought free and leads you into an experience of unity where the singer recharges and accesses a healing life force.

The Note from Heaven is a sacred and simple healing tool for liberating your true voice and reconnecting with your higher Self.

Anybody has the ability to experience The Note from Heaven which envelops you in a condition of unconditional love that is raised above any kind of judgement. You are. There is no right and wrong in this merging into Oneness with everything there is. Time disappears, the body vibrates as a flute that is song from above. The voice opens as flower to the sun.


(Song from the album “Zeroes” )

Tree you are me

I am a tree,

Each of your leaves

Green lights relieve believe in me

Under your crown ‘I’ become ‘We’

A sceptre of Love

A bridge to eternity.


Tree you are me

I am a smile

Open to be-

Two eyes one sight Burning to Thee

Inside your crown an embryo grows

A sceptre of fire

A key to divinity


Tree you are me

We are one

A moon and a sun

A miracle where the end has begun

Over your crown a union of light

A sceptre of truth

Balance the day, bless the night

Githa Ben-David 20131.

A photo of my wonderful teacher Mangala Tiwari from Varanasi, who led me to The Note from Heaven (she left this Earth in 2010).

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