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Vocal Sound Therapy

The methods, I, Githa Ben-David use, have unfolded them selves through the work with The Note from Heaven.
Originally, I  am a musician, majored in music at the Royal Academy of Music and I  became a sound therapist, because the sound of my voice, after having the experience of The Note from Heaven, during studies of classical singing in India, showed to have a profound healing effect.

It was difficult for me to embrace the role as a healer, as I felt more like a musician. That is why it took years before I officially could take the role as a Vocal Sound Healer.

This is the way most healers feel. The fear of being judged as an outsider, as you move into one of the unexplored fields within science, is part of the process you have to go through as a Vocal Sound Therapist.

Another challenge is the question: Am I good enough? Can ”The Note from Heaven” work through me? The answer is YES!” The Note from Heaven” can work through everyone when they open up themselves to believing in their higher self within. Jesus said:”You can do as I do”. What Jesus represents is the sublime in all of us. We can do much more than we believe ourselves capable of.

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