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How to create the optimum space for Sound Healing?

Dear Friends

Monday the 6th of February 8-9 PM (Cet- Danish time): How do we create the optimum space for a healing to manifest? Surrendering, set free, fractals, playfulness, gratitude…are some of the subjects that will be a part of the meditation and sound healing for this fifth of five connected sound healing webinars for the New Year 2023.  100 Dkk

The other 4 webinars are still available on

The Sound Healing Concert 5th of February in the Unitarian Church in Copenhagen with my son, Ghil and I, is fully booked. We will be 200 people singing The Note from heaven, healing each other – and singing songs/affirmations for creating the optimum space for healing. I am deeply moved and grateful for this gathering.

Merete Vestergaard this week received the feedback from a client she has treated for an infected salivary gland (the big one in the jaw close to the ear). The client has suffered from it for 30 years. When Merete sound healed the salivary gland, the client developed an inflamed boil at the cheek just over the salivary gland. It grew at every sound healing. The client continued the sound treatments. The hospital emptied the abscess/boil, and have now scanned the infected salivary gland, which seems to be cured.

Merete treated an elder man who has a tumor in his throat which got smaller in the first go.
Merete leads an online “The Note from Heaven -Group” twice a week in Danish. She is about to start a group in English too. If you are interested please contact Merete here:

Runi Gindesgaard  has added undertones for a lung-tumor (level 4 cancer) 12×7 cm before the conventional treatment. After the treatments the client had pain in the lungs. The patients received 5 sound healings – and during this period she coughed up big lumps of infection and tissue. According to the hospital the tumor had collapsed and it eased their work. The woman is to day against all odds free of cancer, but is still controlled by the

Jytte Johansen: A woman’s feedback after one online sound healing session: “ My birthmark/wart on the right shoulder has become less high, and in the lower part almost completely flat. I can clearly feel the difference because I have felt this place so many times.”

Githa Ben-David has this week continued to investigate if the sound can heal a woman with incurable pancreas cancer. At the hospital’s check this week the Doctor said that her blood-tests and the blood flow through the liver were fine. He mentioned a tumor in the liver – but had no comments to the pancreas. We are waiting for the final answer Monday the 6th of February.

Have a wonderful full moon Sunday

Githa in the bath – with fire underneath and heaven above

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