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”The Note from Heaven is a sacred and simple healing tool for liberating your true voice and reconnecting with you Higher Self. The Note from Heaven carry you into an experience of Oneness, where the singer is energized and get in contact with their own profound healing Lifeforce.”
Githa ben-david, The Ultimate Book on Vocal Soundhealing
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Welcome to Githa Ben-David

Sound therapy and healing

Githa Ben-David is the founder of The International Education in Sound Therapy and the author behind The Note From Heaven She has developed her very own sound therapy system and works closely with researchers from all over the world in understanding the healing effect of sound.


The Note From Heaven is the cornerstone of Githa Ben-David’s research work and a natural focal point for the internationally recognized training in Vocal Sound Therapy, which she founded.

The Note From Heaven – Free practice CD

Singing to oneself is a condition where time disappears and the voice leaves the body and seems to sing down into one from above. With…

Hung Song Activation of the 12 Meridianes

Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cat´s purr and or the bees humming can stimulate any part of your body.…

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