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Examination fee – Education in Vocal Sound Therapy


The exam takes place once every two years or if there are 15-20 examinees.

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Exam fee for Training in Tone from Heaven (Vocal Sound Therapy) by Githa Ben-David

You can read more about the training here. If you have questions about the exam, you can write an email to

The exam takes place once every two years or if there are 15-20 examinees. Requirements: 4 week courses, film with excerpts from sound scanning and or free singing of the client delivered on usb stick, 30 documented cases, 3 hours of answering evaluative questions (without books).

Censors: Lilly Rangstrup: (social worker) censor at the Kempler Institute (Training in family therapy); Lars Muhl: author, musician, healer and therapist as well as Githa Ben-David. The censors look at assignments, films and cases and come to a conclusion: pass or fail. If you fail (but have 30 cases), you get the opportunity to make a new film/assignment.

Emphasis is placed on you showing: method, orderliness, care, presence, dedication and precision. When exam papers are handed out, you receive the censors’ response, after which the exam films are shown, where all examinees are present, so that you can learn from each other.


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