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The Ultimate Book On Vocal Sound Healing (book in English)


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The basic trilogy of Githa Ben-David’s Sound Healing Method based on 35 years sound-work, containing the edited version of “The Note from Heaven”, “Regressive Cell-Singing” and “Vocal Sound Healing”. The method is backed up by excerpts from a 3 hours medium sitting/interview of a group of 700 scientists from the spiritual realm. Their answers concerning the importance of sound medicine have been tested and proved now for 15 years.

“A very important contribution, indeed a gift for people who want to exercise their innate power to experience wholeness.”
Richard Moss, physician, author and spiritual teacher (USA)

”I have read Githa’s fantastic book and my copy is full of red and blue underlines! The book has started so many exciting thoughts in my head. You have done in practice what I intuitively got close to and believed when I made the film “As in Heaven” (Oscar nominated in 2005) (Book II)
Kay Pollak, writer and director of the Award nominated film “As in Heaven” (Sweden)

“Githa is as I know, the most advanced and most brilliant vocal healer in the world. The depth of her knowledge is extraordinary. I can attest that her sound healing really does work as she has practiced it on me with immediate and astonishing results” (Books I;II; III)
Michael Mann, Former Founder and Chairman of Element Books (England)

“Githa Ben-David is one of the pioneers in Vocal Sound Therapy. The methods she has developed are based on her wealth of experience. This book will contribute to even more people discovering the undreamt of possibilities lying within our natural voice (Books I, II)”
Audun Myskja, professor in musical therapy, Doctor Med (Norway)

“What a wonderful eye-and heart-opening book! The Note from Heaven is for anyone who is wounded in body and soul. The miracles lie right in front of us, we just need to bend down and pick them up.” (Book III)
Hella Joof, award-winning actress, television star and director (Denmark)


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