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Newsletter 23’rd febr. 2023

“Never give up – reach out – have faith in the light, the sound, your dreams.”

In the morning just before sunrise you can harvest “mana” which is contained in the air, dew and is the most pure energy of the 24 hours.

Purification of the earth and body is for this season of the year, preparing it for the fruits to come.

I am so grateful to experience that my students/educated sound healers get more and more positive results. A wonderful tree with strong roots and many branches is shooting up now. Their case-stories are mentioned in the end of this newsletter (shortened).

New book “Help” & E-books, music -“Sparkles” in &

“Help – A personal story of chronic poisoning with heavy metals and how to overcome it”  should have been published today 23.02 2023, but I have been to occupied actually because of a severe detox in my closest family. O -books is considering to public “Help”, a translation of my Danish book “Hjælp”. Gilalai have printed 500 pieces which is offered for sale until a worldwide publication will be ready. “Help” is sold through Saxo Books– their page is in Danish (they sell overseas too). There will be put an English description how to proceed at my page.

E-books in You can also purchase “Help” as an e-book. “Help” “Heal the Pineal” as E-book:

“Help” and “Heal the Pineal” are connected books.

Sparkles: An “old” musical piece which I Githa am very proud of. Part of this composition is played as a background music in the film “The Note from Heaven”, during the photos from Norway: 6:40  I wrote the piece for the Marble Church in Copenhagen 1988. Susi Hyldgaard-piano, Vit Musil-bas, Githa Ben-David-tenor sax:

Online Sound Healing Invitation for 1-4 humans suffering from breast, throat or pancreatic cancer.
At my International Education in Egmont, Saturday the 4th of March 8-9 Pm (CEt), I hereby invite 1-4 humans with a tumor ( it must be felt with the hand and or you should have a scan at the hospital shortly after the online  sound treatment).

We will start by sound-scanning the 1-4 participant’s brain: amygdala, hippocampus, Pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary, brainstem with Hung Song. Then the liver, kidneys. After there will be individual treatments of the tumors. Githa BD will demonstrate and test if the tumors react: gets warm/hot, and the students who feel ready for it will continue the treatment in front of the class. The 1-4 online participators will be projected at the white sheet on the wall in the class room.

If you wish to apply for receiving this free vocal sound healing please contact:
The meeting will be filmed and is taking place in:
The room-name is:   Thenotefromheaven
Be sure to use google Crome as your browser (free download). Please test it beforehand.

Concert: Ghil Ben-David (my youngest son) and I, did a Sound Healing concert in Copenhagen the 5th of February. We thank for the wonderful audience, a full hall (200 people) and the many sound healers, who sound healed people in the break. We were all embraced by a heartfull atmosphere and Runi Gindesgaard & Martin Delfs (both brilliant vocal sound healers) played the organs and sang with us during the surrendering to The Note from Heaven.
We will make more concerts in the autumn 2023. Here is a respond from a 20 year old woman: “There were moments when I was moved by the music and the singing in a way I have never experienced before. I am very grateful for this experience.”

International Online Education in Vocal Sound Healing – with focus in Hung Song Activation of the 12 basic Meridians. The only course in 2023 16-22’nd of April
This course is for you who wish to heal/optimise the energy level in yourself and or others through balancing and healing the meridians through sound healing. It works fantastic, and I, Githa, am doing it as my daily morning meditation now for two years. It changes the energy of the entire day. Three hours live-teaching a day, prepare your self through papers and or 12 webinars (bought individually at Price 4000 Dkk

International Note from Heaven-group (in English ) leaded  by Merete Vestergaard starts every Wednesday and Friday from 8-9 PM (Cet-Danish time). First time the 8th of March. Participate in 8 monthly meetings in Zoom, price 45 Euro pr month. Further information contact

New Case-stories:

Pancreatic cancer: I, Githa, have treated two cases of pancreatic cancer through the phone. A Danish woman who was told she was going to die, has now no longer cancer in her pancreas. I gave her 10 soundhealings. This is verified by the hospital.
The other case (a male from Ottawa) has been sound healed twice over the phone and after Ct-scanned. The scan showed that the cancer has stopped growing, but the tumor is still there.

Merete Vestergaard:

A woman has regained her eye sight in one eye. It showed improvement at the test from 30% – 80 % eyesight. Operation was cancelled. The woman received one single sound healing.
Cyst in the neck of an elderly man has completely disappeared. He had 3 physical sound healings.
Cyst in the neck of a woman has also completely disappeared.
Sores on the foot: An elderly woman suffered for several years with wounds (holes) on her feet that would not heal. After 2 sound healings, the nurse said that one wound had healed. New skin had formed and it was now dry and closed. The other wound had improved remarkable half covered with new skin.
Cancer of the peritoneum: After two sound healings the woman went for a scan, which showed that the cancer was waning. There were fewer cancer cells.
Breast cancer: I have currently three clients with breast cancer. They have in common, that they had nodules for many years, and now the nodules in all of them have become noticeably smaller. With one, the knot can no longer be seen from the outside. I has been visible for many years.

Jytte Johansen:

Cancerous nodules: One woman had many small external cancerous lumps – we took pictures to see the difference from each treatment. After 4 sound treatments 80 percent of the nodules are gone. In addition, she has gained better balance and her sunken forefoot has improved.
Pain in her leg: A woman with pain in her legs couldn’t sleep at night. I gave 10 min sound healing. The pain disappeared and 1 month later she still has no pain.
Chronic pain: A woman with chronic pain for 30 years received a sound treatment and had no pain for a whole week afterwards.
Hearing: A woman received an online treatment because she could not hear birds singing and neither could her alarm clock. She wrote to me the next day that she could now hear both the birds and the alarm clock.
Tinnitus: After 3 treatments it went down to 2/3 in both ears where it had been 8 in both ears. The client chose to stop after 3 times – as he now thinks he could live with it. Here, 2 months later, it is still down to 2/3.

Marieke Voskamp: 0049 157 89315115 (Telefone/WhatsApp/Telegram) NL: 0031 6 41472709 (Telefoon)

Pain in the back with which the man normally would go to an osteopath. After vocal sound healing he felt completely released and free of pain and the pain stayed away since then.
Pain in the right shoulder after falling from bike 4 weeks ago, not able to lie or sleep on that shoulder. Treatment: Feedback one night after the first sound healing: “Dear Marieke, for the first time in 4 weeks I was able to sleep on my right side, thanks to your treatment.” After 4 days I sang on the shoulder again, and it again improved. After a week I sang on it for the third time and the pain disappeared and stayed away since then.
Tiredness, often ill, severe pain in the shoulder. Reaction after two treatments with full body vocal sound-scanning:“I am much clearer in my head since the treatment, the heaviness has gone, the shoulder goes much better, and I have more energy.”
Inflammation in the upper tooth. I sang on it locally and the pain went away for a couple of days. I sang on it again and the pain disappeared.

Gratitude from my heart

Githa Ben-David



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