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Christmas song letter

Dear Everybody

Darkness and cold have settled over the North of Europe. We will soon turn on the calendar candle and count down to the solstice and our concerts on the 17th* and 21st of Dec*.

There is a wide range of results from sound therapists both in Denmark and abroad. I thank all of you sound therapists who contribute with sound healing and singing for self-help around the world. I have received and experienced many absolutely incredible results, but I try to moderate sharing, as we have to keep humbleness and the length of the newsletter in check. Here is a feedback from Martinique from France:

“The first sound session made all pain disappear, the entire body vibrated with the sensation of a weight being lifted off me. Then I received regular distant sound healing by Marine. The knee edema went down very quickly. The knee became supple again. I was able to walk rapidly (in one week).”

The sound therapist is Marine Bourcelot:

In 2024, we will increasingly work with Singing for Self-Help, as it is the most effective tool to heal when the receiver of sound also works with his/her voice themself. Merete Vestergaard has her singing groups 4 times a week and Bernt Lassen (Denmark) has suggested creating a men’s singing group with a special focus on cancer patients.

Free webinar: Theory of Ren Mai followed by meditative Hung Song activation. Sunday the 3rd. December at 8-9 pm: Ren Mai is No. 2 of the 8 psycho-emotional extraordinary meridians. I have sound healed Ren Mai with Hung Song, which, up to the full moon, put me into a powerful process: The feminine force, the mother of all Yin meridians stands for the darkness, the moisture, the cool overview and the responsibility to nurture the power of creation, the child – the idea – the task that is growing until it manifests from the Oneness into the world’s duality. Surrendering to the flow. The unconditional love you associate with the mother role in particular but also with fatherhood, how can we live up to it in a balanced way, without ourselves and others becoming victims of our good will, the fear of not being good enough? How can we nurture the wounded child within ourselves and become authentic? This is also true to women/men who do not have children. It works in all kinds of “giving birth” to something.

Working with Ren Mai has yielded some wonderful answers that I look forward to sharing with you in  the next webinar.

Monday the 4th December at 20-21 Vocal sound healing of Ren Mai. Unbalances related to, among other things: Abdomen, hormones, pregnancy, prostate, asthma, stimulation of the formation of new connective tissue, oedemas, urology, heart, pericardium, voice, kidneys, lungs… Price DKK 180 including 25% VAT. I open the chat 15 minutes before the start and write down the general needs for healing.      Please use google chrome as a browser if you have problems using the chat.¨

The17th of Dec, at 3-5 Pm (Cet) Christmas concert in the Unitarian Church with Ghil and Githa, Dag Hammarskjölds allé 30, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark. Price DKK 200. Songs in English, spoken language is Danish. There are still tickets (space for max 200). We are practicing and are SO MUCH looking forward to singing and sound healing together. I am working on a new song, honoring of the sea – “Grail of Salt”, which I hope to be ready with. Also Ghil brings two of his new songs.
Here is a feedback from our last concert:
Thank you very much for a beautiful concert. There were moments when I was moved by the music and the singing in a way I have never experienced before. I am extremely grateful to have experienced it.” 
 Rose, 20 years old

The 21st of Dec: Online Concert for Solstice, Ghil and Githa at 7-9 Pm (Cet) DKK 180.Meditation, singing along and concert

Thank you for uplifting the energy of this time with your awareness and your ability to see light even in the thundering darkness. Merry Christmas – on Sunday a child will be born through Ren Mai – The most beautiful child – namely you. May you light up with your candle in the world

Githa Ben-David




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