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Christmas Concerts, Wonders and the Grail of Salt

Dear Friends

We, Ghil and I, are rehearsing for:  Online Concert for Solstice and Peace Thursday the 21’st of December 8-9 PM (Cet) and Christmas Concert in “Unitarernes Hus”, Sunday the 17th of 12 at 15-17, Dag Hammarskjóldsalle 30, Kbh. Ø.

Water without salts & minerals cannot conduct electricity. I, Githa, just finished a new song  inspired by the Dead Sea, which for me symbolizes a sea of ​​tears, where the essence (the Essenes had their university at Qumran at the Dead Sea), namely the salt, becomes more and more prominent because this wonderful turquoise salty sea  at the lowest place on Earth, is gradually drying out. The battle for the Holy Land – is this battle also reflected in us?  At the concerts we will make a “Grail of Salt” meditation to connect to our essence and will also sing “Zeros in the sand”, “Bless the Water” and “Hallelujah” (blessing of our inner water, fire, sound and heart). You will receive texts for most of the songs one day before the concerts, if you registered the ticket with your email.  Ghil has written two new wonderful songs for these concerts too. We are looking forward to singing for and with you.
For the concerts: Remember to bring a water bottle or water at your side.

Christmas wonders
We (Merete, Maja, Anette and I and more sound healers) have received feedback about several people with cancer who have recovered/or are recovering, tumors that are getting smaller. It is usually difficult to get 100 percent certainty that it is vocal sound/singing that has cured or supported someones healing proces, because many have also received or are receiving chemo or radiation. But when the tumor becomes decidedly smaller while you sing, there is not so much to fuss about. In addition to the fact that those who themselves make a great effort by singing daily and receiving sound therapy either halt the cancer’s progress or gradually get better, we have lately seen a couple of cases where the cancer dies within the tumor:

A woman, with a tumor in the pancreas (a form of cancer that is very difficult to treat conventionally), participated in Molino del Rey, Spain in a one-week course. We (the sound healers) got a trauma sound, but it went away after a few days, so we thought the tumor was gone. Three days after returning from the course, the woman was scanned again at the hospital. The size of the tumor was unchanged after the week, but it turned out, after surgery, that there was no cancer in the tumor, which is quite unusual. We have experienced the same in connection with a biopsy of a cancerous nodule in a liver, where the tumor was unchanged in size, but all the cancer was dead inside (after sound therapy). This is a new experience for us.
A Belgian woman, also from our week in Molino begin. Nov., feels completely fine, but she does not want to go to the hospital and be checked, for fear of being scared by it, she prefers to just feel good… so the effect of the sound is not scientifically verified, we only know that the woman was given up with stage 4 cancer before we started, and now she feels healthy.

I give thanks for the many good sound healers that affect a wide range of ailments. Wounds that heal which otherwise could not heal and recovery from epilepsy, knee pain that disappears, hips that suddenly no longer hurt. I had a client with a migraine attack that disappeared with vocal sound healing and a woman with Corona, which made a strong recovery – also over the phone.

Online Education in Vocal Sound Therapy January 14th -21st  2024  3.30 -6.30 Pm (Cet)

If you are interested contact The course has just been put up in the page today. I have already some students.
The group is 7-12 participators.

Association for Vocal Sound Healing put on hold
We have decided to put the new Association for Vocal Sound Healing on hold. I will send more information about this in a later newsletter with links to the free webinars about the Extra Ordinary Meridians for psycho-emotional problems. I am currently preparing DU Mai, which is the masculine force. It is working pretty strong, as the Hung Song activates the meridian and creates waves of emotions, a bit like a detox. Very hard but also inspiring – Grail of Salt – The essence comes in to play and consciousness expands.

Ashram: If you have extra money and wish to donate for the sound work, we, Merete Vestergaard and I and sound healers in general, wish to make a Sound healing Ashram for long term treatment of people with chronic illness, stress… in a wonderful place close to Molino del Rey in Spain (springs on the ground). The price of the place is 250.000 Eu.

Christmas hug from Githa


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