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Song Seeds from Githa BD


Dear Song Sprouts
The work with the 8 extra ordinary meridians is progressing, and I myself am a test piece for the effect, which is profound: This month it is Yin Qiao – “Qiao” means putting the foot down.The awareness of standing up for yourself at the moment is cultivated by taking a stance (Ki 6) in combination with a clear perspective and overview (Ub1). In interaction with Hung Song, the activation of Yin Qiao offers a delicate, but huge difference.

Old traumas can cause us to enter a “flight, fight, freeze” mode when being involving with situations that arouse this reaction in you. Being aware of – “Whoops, I just failed to stand up for myself and hid in my anxiety of being unworthy/not good enough” – is the first step.
The next step is to act on your feeling, to tell that so and so made me sad/angry. You will then discover that simply standing by your feeling is healing in itself. Why? Because there is no penalty. People take their hats off to you for standing up for yourself if you stay in your own half of the court.The fear of confronting those who overstep our boundaries, perhaps unknowingly, uses up our resources.
We have many veils in our body that cover the most painful experiences and protect us from feeling them. Yin Qiao brings these veils to your attention at the moment. Therefore, it is brilliantly fitting that the “Vocal Sound healing webinar of Yin Qiao” is on April 8th, when there is a total solar eclipse in the morning at 8.17 (cest) (can be seen in full in Mexico, USA and Canada).

After the Yang Wei webinar I received this comment: “I activated my Yang Wei while you showed the meridian points and now my stuck hips are a thing of the past. Many thanks Githa” Berit Moritz Larsen

The edited webinars of Hung Song Activation of the Eight Extra Ordinary Meridians for Psycho-Emotional Pain: I, II, III, IV & V can be purchased at:

* Thursday 4/4/2024 at 19.30 -21.30 Song for Self-Help in a Drifting World, at Solvognen, Kronprinsensgade 7, 5000 Odense, Denmark C entrance DKK 200. There will be demonstrations of sound healing and distant healing – where the audience learns how, for example, you can make a noticeable difference by sending sound to each other and to those in need in other parts of the world. The language is Danish.

*Free Webinar on Yin Qiao Sunday the 7th. April at 20 -21 (Cest-Danish time). No registration, just click the link. English language

* Vocal Sound Healing of Yin Qiao -Webinar Monday April 8 at 20 -21 (Cest- Danish time) DKK 180 the-present-moment/ Yin Qiao related problems: Insomnia, solomnia, indefinable pains which are caused by stagnation of fluid, blood and/or energy in particular diaphragm, genitals, menses problems, kidneys… Low self-esteem, finding one’s position in life, clarity, live in the present. 

*International Education in Vocal Sound Healing in South of Spain on April 14-21 is full. There may be be one place left. Contact Githa Ben-David directly if you want to join at

*18th May Online Webinar on Vocal Sound Healing at Acoustic Sounds, v. Githa BD and Merete Vestergaard. Arranger: Lauren Galey, Colorado. 7-9 PM (Cest) More information follows.

*19th May Self-healing for Self-support, by Githa Ben-David & Merete Vestergaard including individual sound scanning/interference treatment for everyone. Bring a packed lunch. At 10am-4pm, DKK 1400, accommodation in a tent, DKK 100 – in a cabin DKK 300, contact/registration: Place: Gilalai, Lemmestrupvej 15, 8300 Odder, Denmark – both days DKK 2500. The content of the days is the same. You can participate on one or both days (discount DKK 400).

*20th May Self-healing for Self -support, song by Githa Ben-David & Merete Vestergaard includes individual sound scanning. At 10-16, DKK 1500 including vegetarian lunch. Contact/registration: Location: Gilalai, Lemmestrupvej 15, 8300 Odder, Denmark – both days DKK 2500

*The 9th – 16th of June: International Online Education in Vocal Sound Therapy. It is important to learn that vocal sound therapy can also work online. I, Githa, prefer online treatment, as the effect is as strong as live and allows the recipient to relax in a homely, safe environment during and after the treatment.For online education, a 20-hour film is purchased, where the basis for the entire education is reviewed. You retain access to these films. Thus, you will be able to educate yourself in the basic principles if you use the material and review it. Price DKK 4000 for the course, DKK 3200 for the film ex VAT.

Gatherings with The Note From Heaven

*Merete Vestergård continuously have 4 weekly gatherings, singing  “The Note from Heaven”. As something new, she will include a presentation of meridians from May 1, where the price for 8 sessions will be DKK 550. If you want to follow up and get deeper into hung song activation of your energysystem, meridian webinars of Githa Ben-David can be purchase at It is Sundays and Tuesdays at 10-11am (in Danish) and Wednesdays and Fridays at 8-9pm (in English).

* Byens Hus in Roskilde, Denmark The Note from Heaven gathering -Tuesday 16 April at 19 with Henning Strange. *

Trinitatis Church, Denmark In Trinitatis Church, Copenhagen is a gathering to sing The Note from Heaven lead by Marc Facchini. 23rd of April.

Feedback after sound healing:

Henning Strange, Roskilde, Denmark: “A 60-year-old woman with a large benign nodule on the inside of the pelvis and many years of reduced walking function and pain, says that after Henning’s sound healing she experienced a clear effect with more mobility and less pain in the hip, lower back and shoulder, as well as a nice lightness in the body. ”

Diana and Amber from England (participated in Int.educ. at Egmont in March): A woman with lymphoma had a lump the size of a small ball in her armpit. Diana and Amber sang on it, and afterwards the knot was hard to find.

Merete and Githa, Denmark  A woman with cancer in i.a. the pleura – has now been declared cancer-free by the hospital in this part as well as one breast after online Vocal sound healing. The woman is also taking chemo tablets, but these have not worked so far the last three years. It is in connection with sound scanning between the chemos that the change has taken place.

I thank God and the Extra Ordinary Meridians that spring is unfolding inside and out in the most beautiful way right NOW!

May your seeds sprout and unfold themselves beautifully for the best of the world.

Githa Ben-David




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