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Sounds Better Letter

Dear Friend

The light of the sun evokes feelings of spring. But storm and cold lurk. It is time to prune fruit trees here in Denmark. For the past month I have been immersing myself in the Yin Wei meridian. The Wei meridians distribute our Yin resources and link them to the world we live in. How do we use our resources in the best way?

We each have our individual answer. One could be: By balancing our attention between past and future, mind and body, heaven and earth, so that we can stand in the middle, enter the moment and thus be fully  present.

If there are unprocessed traumas in the past or anxiety about the future, these will call for attention. Perhaps through illness in the body or mental pain. Here we must be aware and not close our eyes. After all, you cannot balance a seesaw where there is a large load on one side. Just as we prune the tree so that it becomes balanced and does not topple under the weight of its fruit, so we must balance ourselves before we can access the present. It is our duty to listen to our body’s reactions- but also to relieve the burden so that we are not stuck in it. The Yin – Wei meridian is about the past and it balances the female energies. It is a very gentle energy that strengthens the blood and the Qi distribution related to nutrition. A balanced Yin Wei can pull you out of the darkness and back into the light. It is also associated with trauma that has arisen in heartbreak and may be pushed out into other less vulnerable parts of the body. How do we release these traumas if too much yin is accumulated? When we are frozen?

Free: Sunday d.4.2.2024,  8-9 PM (Cet) Yin Wei – Webinar IV of Psycho Emotional Pain and the 8 extraordinary Vessels. Theory and meditation. This link takes you directly to the webinar and may be shared. There is no registration.

Monday 5/2/2024, 8-9 PM (Cet) Yin Wei Sound Healing Webinar. Price DKK 180 incl. 25 % VAT. I, Githa, am ready 20 minutes before and note down people’s individual wishes, which are briefly described in the chat. We review a short summary of Sunday’s lecture and sound heal the heart, activate Master point P6 and Partner point Sp 4. In addition, we activate Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai in the spine to get in touch with our resources.

Edited Webinars of former presentations:

Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai webinars – theory and meditation can be purchased as well as the 12 basic meridians. There are 4-7 films in each webinar.

International Education in Egmont, Odder, Denmark Sunday 3-10 March:  Full

International Education in Molino Del Rey, Sunday to Sunday April 14 -21st – There are five places left.

Network for sound healers trained or undergoing training with Githa Ben-David.
Instead of making an Association for Vocal Sound Therapy, we have chosen to make a monthly meeting on Zoom. Merete Vestergaard and I set out to be hosts, but other sound healers can be hosts over time. It is planned that the meetings will be the last Thursday of each month at 19.30 – 20.30. The first meeting will be on Thursday 29 February with Githa as host. Here we will share experiences and find mutual support. The meetings are only for sound therapists/therapists in training. A link will appear in the next newsletter. 

Selection of soundhealing results since the last time.
Diagnosed concussion and bent ribs. A single sound healing per phone the day after falling on ice got the woman on her feet within a few hours. She hasn’t had any symptoms since and cleans for people like she usually does.  Therapist: Githa

Migraines have been gone for two years. The man had been taking strong drugs for 20 years. Now he takes nothing and has no more migraines. Therapist: Githa

Woman with PTSD after assault: “The sound healing really did me good. Afterwards, I was more grounded in the world and could look at situations neutrally without being emotionally overwhelmed. It became quiet inside. Oh, how I longed for this silence.” Therapist: Marianne Gammelgaard, Aarhus, Denmark

A sound healer has promising results with sound healing skin cancer that the conventional treatment has not succeeded to heal. We are awaiting a response from the hospital before we publish anything more.
May your heart be lightened… first there was the most lovely sun, now storm and rain. We are tossed here and there and try to keep our balance on the seesaw.

Kind regards  Githa BD



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