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Examination in Vocal Sound Therapy

Minimum requirements:
I) 4 week courses (online-physical)- some people have 8 courses.

II) 30 documented journals/cases (minimum 20 different clients- not fellow students),

III) Answering the evaluative questions.

The questions can be used at any time as an evaluation. For the examination, if possible, collaborate with a partner from the sound healing training so that you read and correct each others answers and afterwards review the areas where there are weaknesses/strengths. The evaluating answers are then send to Githa Ben-David who shares them with two censors. Now you are ready to continue the examination.

IV) Create two films:

Film 1. A short presentation of your self and testimonies from 1-3 clients (3- 8 minutes). The clients must give permission for their testimonies to be shared officially, for example in your home page or in Facebook.

Film 2.  A live recording of a session with you and a client. Excerpts of: the breathing work, the client expressing the Note from Heaven/eventually regressive cell-singing and you giving sound healing. The clients feed back after the treatment (5-8 minutes).

Film 1 is partly an examination task partly an advertisement, that you can use in your homepage or facebook page, and also eventually (if it is a good film) a way to present your work in the page of Sound Therapists in Githa’s homepage.
In the education groups please collaborate and help each other technically in order to make the film as good as possible.
You could eventually contact Thera in order to get support. Remember to make the client give you a written permission to publish the film.

Film 2 is not publicated unless the client agree about it/there is a specific situation.
There should be full confidentiality and discretion. This works also for the censors.
The censors looks at the tasks and will get to a conclusion: Passed or not passed.
I you do not pass (but have 30 cases), you get a chance to make a new film or to re-answer the evaluating questions.

Emphasis is placed on that you show: The basic breathing instruction methods used in the courses. Orderliness, presence, listen for resonance, sense of The Note from Heaven and precision. After you have passed you will receive a beautiful examination certificate.

Jytte Johansen:

Educated Vocal Sound Therapist, 2012, Githa Ben-David’s helping teacher as well in physical as in online International Education of Vocal Sound Therapy. Jytte is specialized in Autism and ADHD, educated as a Social Pedagogue, singer and song writer.

Lars Muhl: Author, composer, singer and spiritual teacher. 

Githa Ben-David

The censors look at the films and Githa presents your task and cases for them. The few students who fail are because of two few cases, they miss to show the correct breathing method, or just made a sluggish film, that no one can really see what is going on. Most students pass. So do not worry, just do it as well as you can – and make someone help you with the film technics.

Eksamensgebyret er kr. 3500 kr. Du kan tilmelde dig eksamen her

Kontakt Githa Ben-David for nærmere information om næste forventet eksaminationsdato. 

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