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Introduction to the education

International Education in Vocal Sound Healing

                                                                                      By Githa Ben-David

Sound and consciousness work together, just like like a touch is felt by the skin where you are touched.

If you focus your voice onto a specific point, the sound will follow your focus and work exactly there.

As sound is energy, you add mechanical energy to the specific area, thereby strengthening the organism to self-heal.
With knowledge of anatomical science it is possible to focus specifically on for instance the cone-shaped pineal gland, and decalcify/stimulate it with Hung Song. When singing Hung Song inner undertones occur which can be used to heal not only yourself but others as well, as the Hunnng sound will sound out like an alarm signal (a very distinct sound, impossible to mistake for  anything else), when you find an area of weakened or stagnated energy.
After the placement of a trauma is discovered,  the next step is to sound scan with vowels and sliding note levels to discover which exact sound frequency the area of the body is calling for. You keep going until the area of the body no longer gives off any sound of trauma (2-3 minutes max). The sound of our voice works without any of the major side effects, but you have to moderate and only apply a maximum of 20 minutes of direct sound treatment to avoid any strong detox-like reactions.

There is a distinct need for sound healing in our world. To ensure the quality of the therapists, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pedagogues, musicians, artists, teachers, scientists…who practise using the methods of Githa Ben-David, or who supplement their work with vocal sound therapy, participants can opt to pass an exam in vocal sound therapy, based on Githa’s books ”The Note from Heaven”, ”Sing Your Self Free”, ”Help” and ”Heal the Pineal”. Githa Ben-David has 36 years of hands-on working experience within her field, and also the experiences students over the years have contributed and continues to contribute with. The education is based on surrendering  ”The Note from Heaven”, which you can read more about in Githa Ben-David’s book of the same title and or in “The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing”

The International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy provides the students with the space to release their voice through attentive listening, recognizing who they truly are. The process supports the participants in reclaiming their confidence, dissolves stress, they will receive a response, knowledge and support, and first and foremost experience how a higher force of sound works through them.     

The aim of the education is to liberate the true expression of each and every one, and to bring to light the healing qualities of the voice. No two voices are alike. Every single voice is a special gift, offering its unique qualities. This applies to the tone-deaf as well.


Curriculum of International Education in Vocal Sound Healing

*Liberation of the voice through meditative song.
*To expand the ability to enter this vocal state of complete surrender
*Work on Breathing
*To work with ‘tape’ recordings of yourself *Awareness of the  movement between  Oneness and Duality.                                            *The Grail symbol.

*To hear and work with tonal intervals *Sa Re Gha…the Indian note names are learned, and these are put into context with sound scanning.

* Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and the Seventh are learned.


Instruction in how to play a Fifth in a piano and a harmonium – an Indian organ.

A walk-through of the principles that are not an education in regression, but a tool to prepare you for the challenges you might meet in both your own free-singing, as well as in working with others.


*Developing intuition through singing ”The Note from Heaven”.
* Attention to navigation signs, affirmation, prayer, consciousness.
*Clarification of your personal intuitive mode of communication.
*Strenghtening of faith in the sound work.

*Awareness of using/letting go of your will in the right moments.
Controlling your ability to move with flexibility between being and observing Oneness and duality.

*To inhabit the healer’s archetype.


*To work with integrating the ego into the sound healing process.

*Ethics, self-critisism *Awareness of your own positive and negative thought patterns and their impact.

*Work to come to a realisation of controlling and judgemental/condemning behaviour.

*Hamster in the wheel reactions.


*Awareness of life patterns and their impacts.

* Learning to recognize the energy of the pain body.

*The importance of humor. *Releasing your inhibitions with dignity.

* Moving in the space between humor and seriousness.

Physical as well as mental, meditative exercises for balancing brain, body, nervous system

* Amygdala Hippocampus
* The Brain Stem
* The Hormonal System
* Solar Plexus
* Inner organs
* Lymphatic system.

A walk-through through the system of overtones
*The structure of the Universe in relation to tonality right down to the atoms.
*Quantum leap and the concept of infinity. *Awareness of the different modes of energy & cymatics.

*Hung Song (inner undertones)
*Open Undertones on vowels
* The subconscious *Detox effect
*The effect of undertones on the skeleton.

*The spiral shape of water stimulated by 24 Hz.

*DNA stimulation

*Hung Song Activation of the 12 basic Meridians
*Animal sounds – Bee-sounds (Api therapy) – The purring of the cat.

*Scientific research on water *Detox symptoms
*Research on the immune system
*Other types of treatment *Doctors

Choric sound healing is a practice of listening intensively to each other and the resonance of the clients, and therefore can only be practised with students physically present.

Half of the group sing for the other half who are lying down. We practise polyphony and physically experience how tonal intervals are felt by our bodies. We especially work within the feeling of the Fifth, the Third, the Fourth and the Seventh. The aim of the entire exercise is to create healing music. We also work with the effect of shifting between dissonance and harmony and in the end of an education week usually the group has integrated such a wonderful listening, that the choir works intuitively  like one interconnected organism. 

Sound scanning focusing on the sound of trauma and mapping the areas where the body is calling out for sound. One of the most important tools in sound healing.

*Navigation signs/sound. Working with fine-tuning the reception of your body’s reactions, when your intuition says yes or no.


A precise formulation of:

  1. The client’s wish
  2. Basic feelings.
  3. Mapping the physical tensions/somatic reaction on tricker words.
  4. Tricker words
  5. Tools to avoid different aspects of a client crossing the boundaries of the therapist.
  6. Tools to avoid the therapist in crossing  the client’s boundaries.
  • The participants learn to support each other in singing themselves free, based on a contract made in the Interview (15).
  • Work with the awareness of responsibility
  • Clarity, emotion, hearing
  • Ethics and balance of clarity, emotion, hearing
  • Integrating sound healing, regression and movement.
  • Expressing yourself musically during the process.
  • Working position
  • Ethics on caring and touching
  • Awareness of the difference of manner of approach regarding men and women .
  • Transformation of the root of a trauma.

1. Sound Scanning *To hear overtones within tonality

* To develop the ability to listen
* To trust the signals you are hearing

2. The tradtional mode of a Sound Healing.

*Awareness on the approach
The significance of place.

3. The significance of ceremonies

*  Awareness of your own idea on which forces work through you.
* The significance of these ideas
4. Structures of energy *Refraction of light *Grounding
*The healing powers of vowels
*The healing powers of consonants *Cymatics

5. Side effects
*Supplementary treatment
*Liver poultice
*Melatonin *Decalcification of the Pineal gland
*The nature of toxic substances

6. Anatomy
* The energy system of the body
* Meridians
* The language of the muscles

7. Practicing sound healing with guinea pigs. Cases are journalized.

8. Leading a sound healing group
* Sound healing modes within shared sound healings.

10. Practical information on sound healing.           * Number of times,         * Duration between treatments etc..

1. Lydscanning. *At høre overtoner i klangen. * At udvikle evnen til at lytte.*At vinde tillid til de signaler, man hører.

2. Lydhealingsform * Bevidsthedens om formen og rammernes betydning.

3. Ceremoniers betydning. * Bevidsthed omkring din egen idé om hvilke kræfter, der arbejder igennem dig. *Betydningen af disse ideer.

4. Energi strukturer * Lysets brydning * Jordforbindelse* Photoner* Magnetisme * Lys * Farver* Vokalers healende kraft* Konsonanters healende kraft* Cymatics

5. Bivirkninger* Afgiftning* Støttende behandling* Lever omslag* Borax* Melatonin* Afkalkning af Pineal Kirtel* Giftstoffers natur

6. Anatomi *Kroppens energisystem * Meridianer * Musklernes sprog

7. Lydhealingspraktik med kaniner. Cases journaliseres.

9. Ledelse af Lydhealingsgruppe * Lydhealingsformer i forbindelse med fælles lydhealinger.

10. Praktiske oplysninger om lydhealing. Antal gange, tid imellem osv..

The advantage of doing an online- International Education in Vocal Sound Healing is, that people from all over the world participate and the experience shows that the participators practice more together subsequently compared to the “physical” students. It is easy and time saving to meet on-line and al though the experience of the sound in no way can be compared to the physical experience, the energy passes and the healing works as well and sometimes better than in the physical level . The advantage in “Online International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy” is that it saves a lot of time when you can do a treatment in your home at the internet, you can reach really sick  people and give them treatments, that they never could receieve in any other way. The results speak for themselve and do indicate that the effect is stronger than a physical treatment. The  explanation could be that it is easier to concentrate fully when you are not disturbed by new surroundings and personal contact during the treatment. Even sound healing over the phone works magnificient. For example a tumor in a breast vanished in a single treatment  with Hung Song.

The body is healed by singing a verse to each part of the body. This mode of song is a good way to start, as lullabies are widely accepted as being soothing.

Write a journal -uploaded here.Your best cases can be typed onto your own homepage and be linked to your name on the database of sound healing cases on this homepage. You buy access to this here.


21. Homework in between the week courses
Practise “The Note from Heaven”. Practise vocal sound therapy, group work with each other/guinea pigs. Read Githa’s books. Online education: Watch the  18 basic lessons (20 hours) bought 21. Homework in between the week courses
Practise “The Note from Heaven”. Practise vocal sound therapy, group work with each other/rabbits. Read relevant scholarly literature. Online education: See 18 basic lessons (20 hours) bought here or 12 Meridian webinars bought here. or 12 Meridian webinars bought here.


You can pinpoint vocal sound therapy using knowledge of the 12 base meridians of the body, as each meridian serves as electrical chords that can be activated by sound. It is not an examination requirement to know about meridian sound healing, but using this is a great advantage. If you want to learn about using Hung Song to activate the meridians, you can buy Githa’s edited webinars here.

You can find fellow sound healers on the Therapist-map in the menu under “Sound Healers”. In this map you can contact one of your fellow students for help.
Githa Ben-David treats larger groups on healing webinars and/or on the international education.


Githa Ben-David reserves the rights to any changes that may occur.

Supplementary material


Books, film & music
by Githa Be-David

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