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Free singing

Grounding is created by breathing down into the belly/diaphragm and singing on an exhalation, where the belly is pushed actively inward.

The stomach and the intestinal system is connected to the subconscious, and thereby to the autonomic nervous system. When you sing from the base of yourself, ”The Note from Heaven” works as a cultivator, gently loosening the soil that holds onto buried traumas.
This is why you might become emotional when opening to ”The Note from Heaven”, and dreamlike imagery as well as archetypical symbols and colours can occur in your mind’s eye.
It is normal for your body temperature to rise, and energy starts buzzing throughout your body. You can lead the energy deliberately to the place you wish to, by focusing for instance on the shoulder, if this is where you’re experiencing problems.

Your voice expresses the quality of your breath, which reflects the physical tensions in your body, which reflects your emotional state.

By singing devotedly on a deep, relaxed note on the vowel ”Aaar”, you can open up your voice and listen your way to the tone that truly expresses who you are. The aim is to experience that “you are good enough to be nothing”, so that your ego dares to completely let go of the conception of who it thinks you are, or what you must achieve. Not until your ego lets go of that control, a complete surrender to being in this moment can happen. When you sing ”The Note from Heaven” and completely let go, your whole being is fed with oxygen.
It can feel as if you’re shouting, but you’re not; You are singing from your basic root and setting your voice free into the air, like a rider on a horse, galopping across the wild plains.



Photo: As a student sang herself free and surrendered to the Note from Heaven, a downpour of rain broke. As we were all women, she stripped off her clothes and ran into our back yard, still singing The Note from Heaven.

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