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Evaluerende eksamination

Evaluerende eksaminationsspørgsmål til Uddannelsen i Vokal Lydterapi – spørgsmålene er på engelsk

Send venligst papirerne som en fil klar til at printe. Du finder PDF af spørgsmålene nederst på siden. 

Please answer as briefly and accurately as possible. The purpose of the questions is that you express exact knowledge, not that you use your imagination to present a long analysis of what the answer “could” be.

The purpose of these questions is, that you gain knowledge, and that you find the missing answers by reading The Note from Heaven and Vocal Sound healing with The Note from Heaven afterwards (Tonen fra himlen, Syng dig Fri og Lyd er Liv). The questions concerning personal experiences and Hung Song is not included in the mentioned books but in Heal the Pineal and “Help” (which will be published in English in 2023).

  1. If you already have answered a question, then state: Answered under fx Ethics.
  2. If you don’t understand the question, then ad a question mark.
  3. If you don’t know the answer, then write “do not understand” and you will get the answer later on.

Answer the questions without books. Look it up afterwards if you are in doubt about something. Avoid copying the text directly from books.

When you do sound therapy, which of the following methods do you find are the most natural for you? You can tick more disciplines.

  1. Breathing and The Note from Heaven
  2. Cell-singing (open treatment without regression). Regressive cell-singing
    Sound healing
  3. Combined soundhealing and cell-singing
  4. Online sound healing
  5. Online Sound therapy

The Note from Heaven:
Define the Note from Heaven briefly and accurately:
What effect has The Note from Heaven from your experience?
How do you demonstrate the term resonance?

Describe briefly the fundamental ethical guidelines that you follow as a Vocal Sound Therapist
How do you present yourself at the first contact with the Singer/a group?
Describe what is important to remember when setting an appointment with a client.

How do you initiate?
What do you have good experience with?
Are there pitfalls that you have experienced are best to avoid?
How do you introduce the following areas in a few words?
The work with The Note from Heaven:
The importance of the breathing:
Cell-singing/Sing your self free:
Vocal sound healing:

Which position/posture do you prefer that your client has as a basis during cell-singing?
Describe specific postures which can support specific emotional states
Describe your client’s position in relation to you during conversation.

How do you in brief instruct a Singer in the correct breathing?
Mention the three basic supporting breathing exercises from the education’s morning exercises that you instruct in/perform together with the Singer.
Which of the three physical exercises can help a Singer who has a particularly weak contact with the diaphragm?

Singing instruction:
Why do we sing The Note from Heaven on the vowel ”Aar”?
Why is grounding important?
How to you secure that the client has grounding?
How can you clearly see, if the grounding is not present?
Why is it beneficial to sing on a single tone for a long time?
Why should the tone preferably be deep?
What happens when The Note from Heaven appears?
Where should the tongue be placed during singing The Note from Heaven?
How do you connect yourself with the primordial force behind The Note from Heaven?
What physical postures can support your client in order to help The Note from Heaven to get through?
Where in the body would you manually support a singer in order to help them to get into a total surrender?

Note-names and chakras
Mention the seven chakras associated with Indian note names, their basic meaning and colour.
Example: Root chakra – Sa – grounding/ instincts – red.

Regressive cell-singing:
What is Regressive cell-singing?
Describe your experience of the process that occurs in the body:
Why is crytoning useful?
How do you as a therapist support crytoning?
Describe the basic procedure in Regressive cell-singing: A-D (conversation) – E-G (process)
What information is important to support the Singer with when he/she formulates his/her wish?
Mention the four archetypal basic feelings that we work with in Regressive cell-singing.
Why do you focus in a basic feeling which is connected to a traumatic feeling as your starting point in the first round?
When is it useful that the therapist expresses the positive reflection of the basic feeling?
When is it good to change the story?
Why is it important to repeat the negatively loaded code words in the end of the session?
What is a navigation-sign?
Describe your navigation-sign by “Go for it/green light” and by “Stop/ Red light”.
What physical signs do you feel when you get milked from energy?
How do you protect yourself?
How can you in the best way help a Singer who has this unconscious pattern?
Hamster in the Wheel/ Melodramatic Performance
What characterises hamster in the wheel?
What methods can you use to help a Singer who is stuck in the wheel?
How can you safely turn the situation into a positive light

The inner child
Which physical position can support an adult in getting back to the inner baby?
Which physical position can support an adult who has been in contact with the inner child to return to be grown up?.
How do you deal with the following attitudes?
A) “I can’t/won’t sing.”
B) “I don’t have any problems”.
How do you deal with a Singer with the following attitudes?
C) “I just want to try sound healing/Cell-singing”:
D) “I just want to compare you with this other therapist.”
E)” You don’t know anything about this, who do you think you are?”
F) “I could not feel anything at all, does it then work?”
G) How do you treat a client who is possibly mentally ill?
H) How will you deal with a client who has done something criminal?
How do you deal with a Singer who can’t feel anything physically and who apparently has an ignoring issue (” I’m not allowed to be here/I’m in the way/I’m invisible”)?
Spastic movements
How do you deal with a Singer whose body overreacts with spontaneous movements to your sound therapy?
How will you explain the reaction to the Singer?
What can you do when the Singer can’t hear overtones in his/her own tone/feel The Note from Heaven even though he/she expresses it?

How do you define storytelling/images/colours that you see to your client?
How do you respond to the content of a story?
When is” a choice” used in storytelling?.
How do you respond to a Singer who sees images during cell-singing?
What do you do if the Singer’s ego gets out of control and leads you round by the nose?
How do you assess if the Singer is grounded?
Interpretation of symbols:
How do you respond to interpretation of the story?
What helpful reference books (interpretation of dreams, dictionary of symbols, archetypes, interpretation of tarot) can you refer the Singer to?
Regressive cell-singing:
How does Cell-singing differ from Regressive cell-singing?
When would you estimate that a Singer should in regression?
If you don’t wish yourself to do Regressive cell-singing, who can you refer the Singer to?

Helping tools:
Why can it be useful that the Singer gets a symbolic helping tool to bring home?
How do you support the Singer in getting this helping tool
Release through changing the story:
When is it suitable to change a story?
How will you describe the effect of the alteration of a story on cellular level?
What is an energy imprint?

Mention an affirmation/prayer that you have experienced can help yourself/the client in general.
By which physical gesture can you raise your energy level when you are giving healing?
When is it beneficial to use healing in silence rather than sound healing?
Sound Healing
How can you know that sound healing is the correct treatment for a client?
How many treatments would you maximum give without a clear effect?
How long time is the sound healing normally estimated to be active in the body?
When does the effect of the sound healing usually peak?

Side effects
Which side effects can for example occur and in which connection have you experienced side effects?
How do you respond if the side effects are powerful?
How do you respond if a client gets scared of your treatment and the following side effects?
Do you have contact to a medical Doctor or specialist who can examine your client, if it could be a case of heavy metal poisoning?
How would you suggest to support the clients liver/kidney with the detoxification?
Which oil would you use for a nightly pack on the liver?

Pain body
What does the term ”pain body” stand for?
How can you lift yourself above your pain body?
How can you support the Singer in lifting himself/herself above his/her pain body
How do you feel the difference between the physical feeling in the body when you are sound healing another person, and when you are releasing your own emotions?

What physical signs do you get when your intuition functions/when you are authentic?
How do you yourself assess if a therapist is run by his/her ego?
What physical signs do you get when you feel that a person has a hidden agenda?
How do you strengthen your intuition?
What is the optimal thing to do when emotions are about to overwhelm you?
What do you do if you don’t have the opportunity to make sound f.ex because of neighbours or due to oversensitivity to sound?
Describe the term Ego-inflation:

Which vowel do you prefer to use when sound scanning?
Write all the vowels in a circle, positioned in a natural continuation of each other:

Which vowel opens the gate to the oneness level/surrendering?
Which vowel purify the sound of the other vowels, just by thinking about it?
Which vowel do you find most centered and precise?

Which vowel works in bigger areas like at the stomach?
Which vowel can be very sharp, cutting in to the bone?
What does it say about a Singer if he/she sings ”Hår” when he/she is asked to sing ”Har”?

Which two vowels create the deepest undertones?
Which sound is the basic sound of Hung Song?
What is the difference in Hung Song and Open Undertones?
Which areas of the body do undertones in general stimulate?
What part of the nervous system/part of the brain represents undertones?
Why can it sometimes be hard to sing undertones in a certain area of the receivers body?
How can you then activate the energy in the area?
In what area of the body should you be careful with open undertones?
In what cases can you make an exception?

Hung Song
In which cases would you prefer to sing Hung Song?
Which glands do you stimulate if you wish to balance the hormonal system?
Describe how to sound heal the Pineal gland.
Why is the Pineal gland important in relation to sound work?
Which area will be blocked if a client cannot do the full breath because of emotional issues?
Why would it not always work to sound heal this area?
Describe how you can eliminate a freeze flight reaction in the brain (Amygdala Hippocampus) with the use of Hung Song.
Where would you use the “Hang”- sound?
Do you have certain experiences by using Hing, Hung, Hang, Hyng, Hong…?
How would you sound heal a trauma (any place in the body) combining Hung Song (or open undertones) with open vowels?

Trauma Sound
Do you experience a clear signal, when singing over a traumatized area?
In which areas would you use Hung Song, and in which areas open undertones?
Describe how you experience your trauma sound.

Tone intervals
What tone interval can be useful during sound healing when you’re either singing together with the client or you’re sound healing more persons together?
What song can you use to remember the interval?
What interval do you use when you tune the tanpoura/make a drone in an organ or another instrument for singing The Note from Heaven?.
Can you explain the difference between interference and resonance?

Energy and quality of sound
How do you experience an authentic sound?
Why is any human being’s sound individually unique?
How can you explain a trauma in regard to energy?
How do you explain a client the reason that a trauma can be dissolved?
Why is grounding crucial?
Explain the connection between a vocal expression and grounding.

Sound scanning with vowels
What is a vocal light? Explain how you experience it.
How do you sound scan?
What do you need to be especially aware of during sound scanning?
How can you make your sound scanning more precise?
Which tone interval is useful when finetuning sound-scanning with vowels?
Why is it necessary to glide as slowly as possible with the voice, when you are doing soundscanning?
Explain what is the speech register, and in which body part this pitch in general is used during sound healing.
Explain what falsetto is, and where this pitch in general is used in sound healing.
The highest pipping sounds, what can they be used for?
How long is it suitable to hold on to a single tone on a specific physical place?
Have you experienced special sounds that tend to relate to specific symptoms?
Have you experienced to sing sounds that you normally can’t express?
Have you experienced advantages when the receiver of your sound healing sings along?
Have you experienced natural phenomena in connection with sound treatments? Sudden rain/storm/thunder/animals that want to participate and so on?

Sound healing form
Outline the form of a traditional sound healing of the whole body. Describe it in brief and in sections.
The role as a sound healer
How do you feel about taking on the role as a sound healer?
If you feel good, what experience made you take the final step?
If you still feel that it’s hard to take on the role as a sound healer – what’s in the way?
Do you have a sense of particular diseases/areas that you have flair for curing or improving the health of by doing sound healing?
What languages do you speak?
Are you feeling ready to stand on your own feet as a Vocal Sound Therapist?

Congratulations – You are finished.

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