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Free Monthly Meeting for Githa’s Students

Dear Students and Sound Healers

A Short letter before we, Merete and I go to Molino Del Rey in Spain to teach in International Education for Vocal Sound Therapy.

We have steady good results coming in.
A woman with a tumor (not cancer) in the throat – was sound scannede over the phone by Merete, and has now been in the hospital to be scanned before operation: The tumor was gone.

A deaf old mann started to hear during a sound healing – again on the phone – I met him in a lecture and send him to Merete.

A mann who could not see very well due to lymph cancer in the right eye – his eyesight has improved considerably after healing in Githa’s lecture (over the phone) and further one treatment by Githa…

Now consider this:  I/we have been offered to rent Molino del Rey (10 double rooms and 2 single rooms) in two month February, March 2025. It would be possible to make a training every morning for 3 hours and to make treatments/normal work/relax/journeys in the daytime. We could offer healing all the group  or individually online and physically. We have to consider prices for participation and so on – if there are many interested it would be cheaper.  Along with healers there should be also space for people with chronicle illness.

If we will earn money on this, besides That Merete and I need a salary to live, then the earning could be a part of buying our own house close to Molino Del Rey. A Sound Healer house (three flats with space for 10 -15 people) . This house could be used/rented by sound healers – when ever it will be available, and we could then make courses in Molino del Rey for ill people who need sound healing either physically or online… as it is now – in the winter time.

If you have interest in this, please write the dates you would attend. The prices will be according to how many participants there will be. That is why we ask if you could have interest. We need to give Anthony and Lidya an answer.

Thursday the 25th of April 8-9 PM we have our monthly meeting for sound healers. As we return from Molino Del Rey the day before, you get this notice now. Please write it into your calendar if interested.

Room name: Thenotefromheaven

With gratitude for all what is happening

Githa Ben-David



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