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Regressive cell song

When “The Note from Heaven” is used therapeutically, one can sing one’s way out of trauma and related illnesses. I call the method “Regressive cell song”, because cells that are inhibited by old, unresolved traumas are released.

When ”The Note from Heaven” is used therapeutically, you can sing yourself free of traumas and related diseases. I call this method ”Regressive Cell Song”, because cells repressed by old, unresolved emotions, are sung free. Every time we experience a shock that we don’t actively react to, that energy is frozen to an area of a cell, which then entrenches itself in the body. These cells can be revived when you connect to them via a timbre which resonates with precisely their frequence. By provoking a fundamental emotion in the trauma ready to be resolved, tensions in the related physical area will occur, as the cells cry out for help. Let’s say for instance that the singer experiences pain in the solar plexus by hearing the sentence: ”You’re not good enough”.

In the process the singer sings his of her way deep into those tensions, which are dissolved when the emotions connected to the trauma are released through surrendering to ”The Note from Heaven”. Often cry-singing occurs in this process.

The crying is a gift, because it brings forth exactly the tonal nuances that can dissolve the trauma.
That is why it is vital to surrender to and express the notes hidden in your crying emphasize the sound  in singing rather than lose yourself in selfpity, which will stop the process. When true emotions are expressed via ”The Note from Heaven” a release takes two minutes on average. Traumas that people have suffered from for years, can, like a thorn in a paw, be dug out of the flesh. You make room for your inner child and throw away any judgemental attitude. People sing, cry, suddenly yawn, then laugh.

It is important to keep in mind that ”The Note from Heaven” is the goal. You should not wallow in your trauma, making ugly sounds for longer than necessary. When you catch a fish, you must get it out of the water onto the land, into the light. Not until then the release happens.

The method is highly effective, but you must bear in mind, that if it is a more wide ranging transformation is happening, your entire self-perception needs to be given a chance to catch up. Your identity and the roles and social patterns you have with friends and family will shift, and this is where the biggest challenge will emerge. The singer must be able to see through the projections he or she is met with in daily life. You must be prepared for the fact that a miracle takes time to become integrated, so it can finally manifest itself within the body.

A tone-deaf artist who hears herself singing in tune when her anxiety is released during surrendering to regressive cell-singing, will she still be able to sing in tune when she has to sing with her family, who have already deemed her to be tone-deaf?
Are you, after being sick for years, ready to change your role to being healthy? The main reason for the trauma must be released before this can happen. Here, the sound therapist supports the process by asking you about basic emotions, and in some cases it can be necessary to sing your self free through regression.

All of this is described in Githa Ben-David’s book: ”Sing Your Self Free”. Part II of “The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing.”


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