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Spring News from Githa BD

Dear Song Birds

We are surrounded by flower power in our glass house, by 30 fruit trees. I just had a message about a healing happening to a woman with serious cancer who joined the International Education. The scans in the hospital shows: No cancer in the inner organs, no cancer in the skeleton. This sound work gives us back such a shiver of gratitude, because what is more meaningful than contributing for higher powers to manifest- and then experiencing a miracle? It happens again and again, but the terms of this work is to be humble, accepting that we are flutes, and the energy that blow through us is so incredible much bigger than us. Our responsibility is to open ourselves  to Oneness and listen for resonance. The flowering trees – every year. The insects work so hard. And  see – a miracle – a fruit is manifested.

Saturday 18.5 at 7-9 PM (cest) Webinar at New Earth One/ Acoustic Health by Lauren Galey, Boulder, USA. “Heal yourself and Others with Sound”. Lecture/healing by Githa Ben-David feat. Merete Vestergaard, who helps to demonstrate the healing effect of interference. The Audience will be guided how to activate the 8 master points of the 8 Extra Ordinary Vessels with Hung Song. Price  $33

International Online Education in Vocal Sound Therapy Sunday 9/6 – 16/6  2024 by Githa Ben-David. The timing will be adjusted to the participants’ wishes and time zones. There are 4 places left. The group will be maximum 12 students. If you are a first-time participant, it requires you to invest in 20 hours of lessons (edited films from a live training), as we take these lessons as a starting point, so that we do not sit more than 3 hours in live teaching a day in front of the computer.
You have permanent access to the lessons, and these gives you a really good foundation as a Vocal Sound Healing Therapist, as you can repeat the material as often as you want. See link here:  

Have a wonderful spring. I look forward to share Hung Song Activation of the 8 Master points of the Extra Ordinary Vessels with you. It is so balancing – and you can hung through them your self. I will do it Saturday in the webinar from Colorado, but also make a separate webinar about it after the Dai Mai – the last of the 8 webinars about the Extra Ordinary Vessels has been presented the 2nd and 3rd of June. You hear more about this later.

Grounding is essential now. Keep your self rooted to grow with the light.
Birds are singing
but they also need food

Love from Githa Ben-David







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