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May -Song from Githa BD

Dear Friend

What does the future bring us? Everything is constantly changing. We revolve with the Earth in its fluctuating magnetic evolution and must constantly adjust the balance in small and large steps to be here.

Just before a big step has to be taken, anxiety and unease come into play, because the question, if we will lose that which gives us security and safety, rises. Every big step contains a risk – but completing the step also gives us a lot of energy – precisely because you take the responsibility to follow your inner voice and to act on it. The Yang power – the masculine power is the power of spring, gallbladder…. this power helps us to overcome our fear to take the necessary steps into the unknown. But how do we do it with a clear mind in the right way and at the right moment? Give space and suddenly the right solution will be manifesting it self and you will have no doubt in your mind.

This Newsletter was not send caused some problems with the server. Therefore you get a chance to see the Sunday webinar for free here– not yet edited. We missed you, who did not hear about it.

Hung Song balancing of “ The Yang Qiao Meridian”. On Sunday 5.5 at 8-9 PM Free Webinar

Just click the link and scroll forward to come to the start. It is the seventh webinar of a total of eight about the Eight Extraordinary Meridians for Psycho-Emotional Pain. Yang Qiao and Yin Qiao (which I presented last webinar) are about balancing Yin and Yang in the body. Yang Qiao is about balancing stress, the head that has too many thoughts, insomnia and/or a hyperactive organism that, like a detached freight train, thunders down the mountain unable to stop before it runs completely down. It is about balancing an overly strong Yang energy, which projects its problems onto the world. An overly strong Yin Qiao, on the other hand, is about reflecting problems on yourself, and therefore you lose self-confidence, since you need to adjust who you truly are in order to fit in the world. Strengthening the Yang Qiao meridian will help here. Balancing the Yin and Yang Qiao will give an inner calm and open the possibility to enter the presence. Both extremes cut one off balance.
Yang Qiao is closely connected to Yang Wei, as the traumas that govern both meridians often are concentrated in the neck, shoulder and hip regions, where these are stored in the shoulder blades and sacrum. Epilepsy, high blood pressure, headaches, prostate problems, urology, all stress-related diseases are associated with Yang Qiao (too large a dose of masculine energy) imbalance in musculature as the outer muscles are tightened and the inner (feminine) ones are weakened.
There was a lot of positive feedback about healings from the last Yin Qiao Webinar, which also included a meditation for a solar eclipse.

The Yin Qiao Webinar is now edited and can be purchased here:

On Monday 6.5 at 8-9 (Cest) I had Sound healing webinar about Yang Qiao. It is especially head, neck, epilepsy – the shaking – which can also be seen as the body’s desire to shake off old traumas. Shoulders and Hips- Balancing Yin and Yang Qiao that is in focus. This webinar will be edited, but can still be seen now unedited. Price: DKK 180

Saturday 18.5 at 7-9 PM (cest) Webinar at New Earth One/ Acoustic Health by Lauren Galey,
Boulder, USA. “Heal yourself and Others with Sound”. Lecture/healing by Githa Ben-David feat. Merete Vestergaard, who helps to demonstrate the healing effect of interference.Price  $33

International Online Education in Vocal Sound Therapy Sunday 9/6 – 16/6  2024 by Githa Ben-David. The timing will be adjusted to the participants’ wishes and time zones. There are 4 places left. The group will be maximum 12 students. If you are a first-time participant, it requires you to invest in 20 hours of lessons (edited films from a live training), as we take these lessons as a starting point, so that we do not sit more than 3 hours in live teaching a day in front of the computer.
You have permanent access to the lessons, and these gives you a really good foundation as a Vocal Sound Healing Therapist, as you can repeat the material as often as you want. See link here:  

The latest new sound healing results:

Bente Skjervold, Norway :

A client with unexplained pain in the back at the level of the spleen, but on the right side. She had struggled with sleep since last summer. The pain came at night and giver her such a strong pain that she could not sleep. After three healing sessions, she slept for two whole nights for the first time since last summer. The pain is gone now.
Cecilie Lindegaard, Denmark
After one online scanning pr. mobilephone: “For 3 months I have had a lot of pain in my left pelvic joint, in addition to my left hip and down my left leg, as well as inflammation in my tendons. For two months I have been treated by a chiropractor, but his treatment had no impact in my pain level. For long periods I have not been able to walk, I have limped and could not drive a car either. The day after the Vocal Sound healing with Cecilie, I went to the ostopath and when he checked my pelvis, it was completely straight, which I thought was a lie. During the same week, the inflammation in the tendons disappeared, as well as the pain in the pelvis and legs. I can walk normally again and feel like I have my life back, because I can be physically active again.”
Merete Vestergaard & Githa BD:
A number of cancer patients seem to be recovering. A woman’s tumors in the armpit flattened, changed shape and shrunk 1 cm in the first online treatment. One of the participators in the week-course in Molino del Rey has been scanned: She has no cancer in her bones, which the hospital does not understand. We are waiting for the result of the scanning of her inner organs.

We are waiting for answers from the hospital tests by others. Unfortunately, you cannot be examined if you feel well and refuse the hospital’s offer of treatment. Eg. we have just had a case with a breast cancer spread to the spine, where the doctors wanted to give radiation to a tumor growing inside the spine. The woman thought the tumor had diminished during our week at Molino del Rey, but the hospital and even private hospitals refuse to do an MRI scan on her to verify the healing because she avoids radiation, which risks destroying her back joint and stomach. The individual takes responsibility for their decisions themselves, but how great it would be if the sound healing effect could be supported by MRI scans.I would prefer to cooperate with the hospitals, but since that is not possible, we will have to find a solution. It could be that some of us learn to use an ultrasound scanner for household needs, so that we can see if the sound has an effect on breast cancer which is fairly easy to scan.

Pop-up retreat center at Molino Del Rey in Jan – March We, Merete and I, are working on creating a Pop-up retreat center at Molino Del Rey in Jan – March 2025 for chronically ill people, who can slip in and out as needed, participate in a basic course and acquire treatments from participating Sound Healers/ Merete and I. You will hear more about this in the next newsletter. The owner of Molino Del Rey is interested to make the center an on going Sound Healing Retreat Center.  I am looking for the possibility to buy a house close by where sound healers, working in the Retreat Center, can live cheaply.

Have a nice warm day (we have a hot day in Denmark). I wish you a balanced Yang Qiao meridian, as we move into June, where the gallbladder/Liver energy is activated and we get exuberant masculine powers. Here it is good to be able to balance yourself. All the seeds now sprout, and we do as well. Unfold yourself in this beautiful floral flourish of fruit trees.

Githa Ben-David


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