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Christmas Greeting with Sound Wonders

Dear Friends

I, Githa, wish you a sparkling merry Christmas and a wonderful healing New Year in unity with the blessing of the highest powers.

In this cold and darkest hour of winter Solstice of the Northern hemisphere at 22:42 the 21.12.2022, many of us are confronted with the shadows, the heaviest emotions and have the opportunity to transform them into inner light. The Austrian scientist, Viktor Schauberger, proved that water is strongest and heaviest at 4 degrees. Here it can carry even heavy rocks, logs which it cannot carry in other temperatures. The different temperatures of water awaken different qualities in us. So if you sit at home wearing outerwear, blankets and save electricity and almost sleep in the clothes you wear… then there are also advantages to the cold, because the ability to see through the truth in you arises.

Cold temperatures give clarity. For a year and a half, I have walked bare feet  at the seashore, also during winter, because the water that hits the shore has a particularly high energy level. If you have no sea, lake nearby, go outside and let the morning dew/snow envelop your feet (mana). According to Paolo Consigli, Italian doctor and author of “The Hidden Secrets of Water”, the morning dew contains 25% more energy than normal water. The feet absorb the energy. Water represents unity on a personal, earthly level, and we contain each other’s water, even our thoughts are captured and communicate through the water. The cold, fresh water can carry even the heaviest emotions and gather them within you so that you can sing them out in a fanfare of sound.

Oneness binds us together in unconditional love.

Reach out, surrender to your emotion, embrace it with your song and send out a true sound prayer. Soon the experience of uplifting Oneness manifests and bless you with healing wisdom and indescribable all-encompassing love. You might think you are lonely – but that is just something you think. You are with all of us.

Sound wonders
We are several sound healers who have experienced that tumors have been affected in the last two months, where we have done a “Sound to Tumor Project” in Denmark. Dear Sound healers if you wish to do a test-treatment in 20 minutes for free of tumors – please let me know, and you will be added to a list, which I will send to interested clients. If your online sound healing will have effect, then continue the treatment – but take some money, in order that there will be an exchange of energy. We can only find out which voices are skilled in tumors, by testing it. Obviously the ones mentioned beneath, have skills.

A woman with cancer in both breasts, lungs, skin, bone was sound scanned by me, Githa on the phone. After she could lay on her back and her right side with out any problem – this was impossible before, as she could not breathe when she laid on the right side. The second healing (yesterday) a tumor in the right breast was hard to find/had definitely changed its size after the sound healing. Before the treatment we both felt it clearly and with no doubt.

A woman with an inoperable throat tumor that  closed her throat to a degree that her voice was severely impaired, I sound scanned over the phone. The woman started to cry, when after 5 minutes she could speak almost freely. Since there was no cancer in the tumor, I expected that it might fill up again, and sent the woman on to Merete Vestergaard, who is a dedicated sound healer. Merete is now treating the woman, whose throat tumor also contracts during Merete’s sound healing and has now been down for 7 days.

In addition Marine Bourcelot from France also has sound scanned a throat tumor to disappear.

Carleen from Ireland, whose 6-8 cm cancerous tumor was more than halved by the first sound healing on the course in Southern Spain, Molino Del Rey, has received her results from the hospital, where NO cancer could be found – also not the cancer spread to the lungs, lymph and spine.The Doctors have looked for cancer on another exam, additional biopsies because they can’t figure it out. They believe that there must have been an error in the Pet scan.

A woman on a physical one-day course 1.Dec. had a visible tumor at her collarbone. Merete Vestergaard and I demonstrated interference using two voices and the tumor (walnut size) was halved in 6 minutes. A few days later the tumor had grown again, and I gave the woman treatment over the phone, after which the tumor vanished. It has now grown again. You can obviously influence tumors with vocal sound, but the main cause must also be treated, and this requires a longer process.
We have an idea to do a 3-week course at Molino Del Rey in Southern Spain in the winter of 2023, but there is a financial problem doing it. It would be fantastic if a foundation or similar would buy or rent a place for sound treatment of autoimmune illnesses with pure spring water as in Molino Del Rey, which supports the detoxification process the sound sets in motion.

Jytte Johansen from Aarhus, Denmark has sound healed a woman’s rheumatoid arthritis pain to disappear for longer and longer time intervals.

Trine Juul Andersen from Helsingør, Denmark heals knees, broken bones so that they heal faster and the pain disappears.

Merete Vestergaard is sound healing three clients suffering from Parkinsons’s Illness. One mann she has sound healed regularly over half a year. He could not raise from the bed and needed help to go to the toilet. Today he can dress himself, walk to the toilet and even down the steps. There are also positive responds from the other two clients. Parkinsson’s illness is due to mercury toxification according to some scientists. Therefore it is recommended to combine the sound treatment by chelators that binds the toxic metals and exit them from the body (described in my book “Help – a personal story of poisoning with heavy metals and how to overcome it” which will be released in February 2023).

The results are many… not all are mentioned. The special thing about these sound healing results is that they happen when the mood is light – in a state between humor and seriousness. When you have experienced tumors vanish/shrink while sound healing them, then “You Know” that the sound can work. This “knowing” is creating a plus for the treatment. One cannot promise anything about the effect though, just believe in and focus the sound. It is a spiritual experience. Few people expect that a radical healing can take place over the phone – that might explain why an openness often arises precisely here. The time has come for us to help each other. Sound healers get updated. Hospitals are overcrowded, and there are long waiting lists for treatment.

A new Soundhealing Concert Concept
Soundhealing Concert (Danish) the 5th.2 2023 at 3:30 -6:30 Pm in the Unitarian House, Dag Hammarskjölds allé 30, 2100 Kbh Ø, is an experiment which I am planning to do also in other countries, if my students feel inspired to organise it. The concerts last 3 hours and includes The Note from Heaven, breathing meditation, Sound healing instruction, Sound healing of ill people and gathering in songs, that will lift our souls into the heart of Oneness.

Events in English:

New Years Online Sound Healing:

Five Mondays Online Sound Healings by Githa Ben-David at 8-9 PM (CET-Danish time) 2023
January: 9.1 Energy system & Immune system
16.1 Balancing Detox Organs
23.1 Digestion
30.1 Breath, Solar plexus, Lungs
Febr.     6.2 A guide into an optimum state for healing illness

Price: DKK 100 – €13

International Online Education in Vocal Sound Therapy (1 place left/waiting-list)15-22nd of January, 9 -12 AM. Pay only after January 1st as Gilalai’s homepage is changed and after sending an application
Price in Dk: 4000 (course) + 3200 (unlimited access to 18 lectures – one time investment).

International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy 26th February – 5th of March, Egmont Feriehytter, Hou, Odder, Denmark 4 places left. (in the link it is written “online” this is a mistake as it is a physical course). Deposit:


Full price in DK: 8000 (double room – 1000 krones added for single room)

13th of February Interview with Githa Ben-David on Om Time Radio (Berlin) 8 PM (Cet)

16th-22nd of April International Online Education in Vocal Sound Therapy with Focus on Activation of the 12 Basic Meridians.

May 2023 expand our consciousness and let this consciousness spread to lift humanity to unite in Oneness through the understanding of the power of vibration.

God bless you all

Githa Ben-David

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