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Extra Online Vocal Interference Thursday 11th.July

Dear Friends

Due to a long waiting list for the two Online Vocal Interference  evenings, last night and tonight, we, Merete Vestergaard and I make an extra evening Thursday the 11th.July at 7-9.30 PM (Cest) (19-21.30) 800 Dkk 107 € Paypal 0045 41 27 32 33 or mobile pay 41 27 32 33. The price includes 25% Vat.

The principle is that a livercell has a certain frequency just as a heart- cell has it. So when we heal a heart –  all your hearts will be healed. The body will take what it needs. You can lay down during the treatments – which are three parts, where the first two parts are done in two separate groups (max 10 receivers): 1) Endochrine system, Central nerve system, Spine, Inner organs 2) The 12 basic Meridians 3) Interference Vocal sound scanning with both Githa and Merete (all the group -max 20 receivers)

If you wish to join please apply  to  and if there is still place write a few words – maximum 5 lines, describing your symptoms/diagnosis. When you have reserved your place you will receive links and more information.

We make maps of you all as one person on boards – which we follow during the sound healings. Beside this we have anatomic charts during the last scan with interference/harmony combined with Hung Song.

Fx. as many people had problems with the bone in the group last night, we went through an anatomic chart of the skeleton.

Thank you for your open cells and for being able to pass all this on maybe to a friend that needs urgent support of their immunesystem.

Have a wonderful day

Githa Ben-David

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