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Monthly Gathering for Vocal Sound Healers and Students

Dear Sound Healers

Thursday the 27th of June there is Vocal Sound Healer Gathering 8-9 PM (Cest)

We meet in  Roomname: Thenotefromheaven
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The Subjects we will discuss:

The possibility of studying a certain subject and to share knowledge with the group in our gatherings: f.ex Hypothalamus, high blood pressure…

The book-market is falling, and I Githa, am not born as a saleswoman.


If you have clients, you are offered to buy my/Githa’s books to sell to clients/pass them on, and earn on it (12-14 € pr book)                                                                                                If anyone is good in selling, organized, and is interested to be in charge of the book-sale, please let me know.                                                                                                          Mercedes Henderson from Argentina has translated The Ultimate Book in Vocal Sound Healing into Spanish. Do you know the perfect publisher?The Eight Extra Ordinary Vessels.

The Eight Extra Ordinary Vessels

See you in two days

Gratitude and Love

Githa BD

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