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Solstice and Full Moon Solmisation

Dear Friends

There are solstice, twilight and rain in Denmark. A Full Moon balances on the edge of the end of Gemini. Now the forces change direction to unify and manifest our fruits. The weeds can be tamed again and the traumas that has been uncovered in the light can be overviewed from a bird’s eye view. After all, to manage pain and challenges is a part of being on Earth. The rules of the game… either you get stuck in the rain and mud or you rise above the chemistry in duality and see that everything has a higher purpose. We are pure souls up there in the Oneness.

I am who I am. You are who you are.

We had a terrific Online Education last week, and there are good results from the students and trained sound therapists, some of which I will collect in the next newsletter.

Selected cases using the method of interference:

In connection with Merete Vestergård and I working with interference together or sound healing separately, a Greek woman on palliative medicine, given up with cancer in the liver and peritoneum (back wall of the abdominal cavity) has just received an answer to her MRI Scan: No cancer.

In addition, there are two women with breast cancer whose large tumors are now the size of a pea. Several others are in process and we await a response.

Two Online Interference Evenings with Group Sound Healing Githa ben-David & Merete Vestergaard.

Monday the 8th July (Danish) and Tuesday 9 July (English) at 19 -21.30 Price DKK 800 max. 20 participants


When registering in writing, please explain your diagnosis and/or your desire for healing (max 15 lines). We will then contact you and send you links to the event and payment.

Program: Tuesday the 9th. July (English) 7-9.30 PM (Cest)
7-7.45 Two groups of 10 participants, each with a sound therapist.
19.45 -20 Sound therapists confer – Participants take a break
20 -20.30 Two groups of 10 participants – Sound therapists exchange groups.
20.45 -21.15 Interference treatment of all 20 participants by both sound therapists.
21.15 -21.30 Humming healing and rounding.

International Water Conference in Lisbon

Here is my introduction to the Water Conference 16-19th of October, where I have been invited as a speaker:

Merete iVestergaard is joining aswell and we will demonstrate interference and compare results. The Conference is open for public audience too.

Online week-course focusing in Hung Song Activation of the 8 Extra Ordinary Vessels for Psycho-Emotional Pain the 11th-17th of August.
The course has not been posted publicly yet. Teacher Githa Ben-David.Daily
Daily teaching: Morning  9-11 AM (cest) and possibly also an evening group 6:30 -8.30 PM  if there is a need. Max 10 participants per class Price DKK 6000 including 8 hours of edited webinars (films). Registration: This course is first of all offered for people reading this Newsletter.

Sound community

We want to create a winter community in southern Spain 50 minutes from Malaga, where people live in their own houses, but gather around a centre. People in need of treatment will live in Molino del Rey. The owner of the Center Molino Del Rey in Jorox, Spain share this vision with us. We start with a two-month pop up Vocal Sound Retreat to test it in February and March 2024, but the idea is that in the long run it can become permanent. There is a suitable house I would like to buy near Molino del Rey, where sound healers  can live. I need financial support to buy this house/to take a loan. The house, which is divided into three parts, costs 250,000 Eu.

You are greeted a fruitful Solstice and full moon – out there in the world’s midsummer landscape, (at least in the North), abundant with strawberries, elderflowers and singing birds.

Githa Ben-David

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