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Webinar II. Vocal Sound Healing of the Liver, Spleen and Kidneys

Today Monday the 16th of January 2023 at 8-9 PM (CET- Danish time)  Price DKK 100.

The energy is high at the moment. Many healings happened in webinar I. Thank you for all your responses and thank you because so many have bought tickets for the Physical Sound Healing Concert in the Unitarian House, Dag Hammarskjölds allé 30 on 5th of February 2023 in Copenhagen at 3.30 -6.30 PM DKK 220. We are approaching a full house. It is an honor to be a part of this. My son Ghil and I, have just practiced and I must say that it is promising

Have you noticed the trials the darkness brings – then I can just pass on some good advice that I have given in my book “Help” (which will be published soon in Gilalai and probably later in O-Books). Merete Vestergaard (Sound healer and leader of The Note from Heaven online group in Denmark) has reminded me this : Coffee enema with organic coffee. It detoxifies and strengthens the liver and is the best source of glutathione – and gives you high energy throughout the day. It can highly be recommended. Merete has said that she has seen birthmarks disappear by doing daily coffee enemas. I’m keeping an eye on one I got on my cheek. It is actually getting smaller! At the same time, you almost get springs under your feet, so youthful you become… depending on how strong the coffee you make off course: 2-3 spoons to one liter water. Boil for ten minutes in a pot, strain, cool down to body temperature- and enema on an empty stomach in the morning time. Keep it in the gut for 10-20 minutes if possible (you lay on a yoga-mat with towel in the bathroom).

Have a wonderful week – We are having International Online Education in Vocal Sound healing every morning- a very promising group.

Still we have lots of positive Sound healing results – today Merete Vestergaard had a client with virus in her balance nerve – The client left symptomfree.

Gratitude to the higher Powers.

There is a warm calm light behind the storm, the rain, the grey, the cold, and remember – heavy thoughts will vanish just like all the clouds do – sooner or later.

Githa Ben-David

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