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Opening of Consciousness: Webinar III 23´rd of Jan. 8-9 PM

The 23.1 at 8-9 PM Online Vocal Sound Healings Webinar III with focus on digestion, small and large intestine – by Githa Ben-David Price Dkk 100 .

It feels like the expansion of consciousness literally has been turned on, like at tap that has been opened – since the Vocal Sound Healing results continue to be positive… The morning after Webinar II, a Dutch woman lost a handful of gall/liver/kidney-stones when going to the bathroom. During the webinar she had combined the sound healing with liver massage and at night she lay (as I recommended) with a pack of castor-oil on the liver.

Thank you for everyone else’s response and also thank you to the many who bought tickets for the Sound Healing Concert in the Unitarian House in Copenhagen (soon sold out).

At my International Online Education in Vocal Sound Healing this week, we had the first day of pure vocal sound healing in the education an online visitor: A Dutch woman with two tumors in the left breast 3×3 cm and 4×3 cm. We were ten sound-healers present and the beginner started up. The first beginner – Marieke, sound scanned one of the tumors for 4 minutes about – and the tumor was then already getting smaller. When all ten of us had given her 2-3 minutes each both tumors had diminished. Two days after two students – Marieke and Petra continued treating the woman. Now the tumors are so small, that she cannot measure them anymore. Emotional reactions are following, and this is natural, so the sound healers also did regressive cell-singing with her (sang her free of emotion).

There are so many things happening – and we have to be able to follow up on this. If anyone have cancer in the pancreas, I am interested to hear from you, as there is very little to do in the conventional treatment. I or a student could go all in, if for example there is a scan soon, or a waiting operation so that we will know if there is effect.

Miemaria has taken pain of all kinds, even chronical pain that lasted 17 years she has healed with vocal soundhealing. She works online. +45 5525 0399

In connection to webinar III I can recommend to do a coffee enema. This is the most wonderful medicine for the liver, bile and gut and can also be beneficial if you lack energy – are depressed in a crisis. You will feel young again and be able to manage the day.

You will be instructed (shortly) in how to make your own wonderful yogurt with probiotic bacteria from coconut crème, almond milk, soja milk… This is fantastic for your gut and costs less- and is better.
See you soon in the air or in our dreams. I thank spirit for all that is happening. We are blessed with the spiritual opening.

Love and hugs

In the name of Oneness

Githa Ben-David

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