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Free Webinar 19.11 8-9 PM Chong Mai – Repair deep trauma from ancestors, DNA

Dear Friends

May peace and love embrace you in this chaotic time. Oneness is there as a sun behind the clouds. Let us unite and keep the spirits high. Sunday I do the first of 8 free webinars about the eight extra ordinary vessels, which, according to Chinese philosophy, can transform deep traumas from our DNA, bones, ancestors, early childhood. I must say it has a deep impact in me personally from diving into activating these vessels with Hung Song.

Free Webinar: Sunday the 19th of Nov. 8-9 PM Cet (Danish time) – Lecture about Chong Mai, the source of all vessels, our original matrix, DNA,  resources/potentials, path on Earth. How can we transform traumas passed to us from our ancestors through our DNA, so that we will not carry them on?

Monday the 20th of Nov. 8-9 PM Cet (Danish time) Sound Healing Webinar – Chong Mai, Sound scanning of audience (180 Dkk)

Blessings and Light

Githa Ben-David


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