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Wonder letter from Githa Ben-David


Dear Friends

In Jerusalem an 87 year old woman’s breast tumor vanished, witnessed by her medical doctor during Hung Song (online healing). The medical doctor examined her breast tumor before and after a few breath of Hung Song the tumor was gone. The medical doctor wishes to make experiments with online vocal sound scanning while using an ultra sound scanner on clients with breast-cancer. God bless him.

 A medical investigation is an old dream, that comes through, but it is also a big responsibility, because there is a danger, that a sea of ill people will wish to be “fixed” – and that can be too overwhelming. Therefore I concentrate now in educating  vocal sound healers  to prove that Hung Song/ Vocal sound healing is a spiritual phenomenon that can lead to an expansion of man-kinds’ consciousness.

A listener was healed during online-healing of another person The last evening in International Education in Egmont (Febr-March 2023), we sound scanned 5 clients with cancer online projected up on the wall: A 10 cm tumor in a breast got soft and collapsed apparently while a group was sound scanning another woman with breast cancer, that also went down.

Old cancer advanced state seems to be gone A woman (she sings daily The Note from Heaven and Hung Song) with cancer in both breasts, lungs, armpit, spine… has  first been sound healed by me, Githa, where her pain in the right side/back disappeared and a tumor was diminished. Since then she has been regularly sound healed online by Marieke (Holland) and Inaya (Sweden), students of my International Education. The results from the check up in the hospital is that they couldn’t find any cancer – but they ensured that the cancer must be there somewhere.

Eyesight It seems like Hung Song can dissolve blood cloths, since it has happened in two cases where eye-sight has been improved… In one case the improvement was measured by an eye doctor in the hospital.

The intensified energy level n this time is very intelligent, fast and effective. I have noticed that when a tumor collapses it happens within 2 -8 minutes. Before treating a tumor there are plenty of other things to treat, especially the emotional issues and root-course of the illness and to help the client to get in contact with their own lifeforce/sing themselves free. Another thing is to balance the endocrine system, Amygdala – hippocampus (chock, stress), to check the inner organs – especially the liver… all with the use of Hung Song.
Do not work for hours on a tumor. Just attack it light and easy in a playful manner. It is never the sound healer’s responsibility but always the “higher powers” – the resonance  – that creates the miracle. Not you. We are flutes, empty pipes played by the powers of Oneness. We need to keep ourselves pure in a non-judgmental state. The receiver must be able to feel gratitude to the awe of Oneness. If not – the energy is falling to the ground. For  an example a woman, whose tumors both went down to half size at the first session online, complained, that they were not completely gone. In this case it is hard to continue the treatment, because then Oneness is overtaken by duality which comes into play when willpower, control, fear, judgement and greed take over.

 I wish to build a Singing Sound School. This school should, beside education in vocal sound healing/therapy, include learning the meridians, anatomy, physiology and a basic course in detox support related to sound healing.
The teachers will be dedicated Vocal Sound Healers from my Education, with good qualifications/results/ who supports me and the purpose of The Note from Heaven 100 percent.

The school will be linked to a place where people receive vocal sound healing/ online sound healing. I start this ongoing education in Gilalai, Denmark – but might also do it in Molino Del Rey, Spain in collaboration with the Budwig Institute in Malaga/ and through work with scientists in Israel or other places in the world. It will be possible to rent Gilalai for Courses in Vocal Sound Healing, and the plan is to build a flat and a bigger teaching hall with a projector for online treatments in the unused lofts of Gilalai. It will be possible to live in Gilalai for limited amount of time while studying/supporting the school with practical work.

Already now Merete Vestergaard: & Jytte Johansen: jytski66@gmail.comhave groups where they teach the basics of surrendering to The Note from Heaven. This kind of work will be a part of the Singing Sound School, and many of the vocal sound healers will be connected, doing their work around in the world.

For the establishment of/running the school we will need a secretary with a kind, clear attitude, high sense of order coupled with a dedicated interest in taking care of building up the school, communication, payments, webpage, books, economic and practical issues like questions about accommodation, transportation…  One day I will find this person, who should be healthy and burning for supporting the sound work. It is of vital interest for the manifestation of  our work to find the right person.

 Educated sound healers, please  come to get updated if you wish to be a part of carrying the demands for online vocal sound healing, which will raise, when and if medical experiments will prove the miracles of online-vocal sound-healing. It is important to be clear: We cannot promise anybody anything, as we do not know why and in which circumstances, the sound healing works. It is our experience that if the giver/receiver is trustful, surrendering, believing in God with a grateful attitude, there is a bigger chance for a healing to happen. There must be a sender and a receiver with open antennas for the resonance to work.

The Healing Power of Sound and Light – Conference
The 15th of April at 11:20 (Cet) I will be interviewed/speaking.

International Education: Online Hung Song Activation of Meridians  This course is held at 3.30 – 6.30 PM  (Cest Danish time) 16th -22nd of April and is the only chance to learn Hung Song activation of the 12 basic Meridians in 2023. To know the meridians by heart and to practice them daily as a hung song morning/evening meditation is balancing all your electric system. Beside this you get an invaluable tool to diagnose the connection between various symptoms in a client and to treat it in a precise manner. 4000 Dkk plus payment for the 12 edited Meridian Webinars (if you did not buy them yet).

Physical Education in May, Molino Del Rey, Spain (2 places left) 14th -21st of May . In this course we will concentrate on sharpening the sound healing skills more than usual, because there are many skilled participators (trained ones) and also both Jytte Johansen and Merete Vestergaard is joining as support- teachers. We might have a contact with the Budwig institute in Malaga during this course too. The beginners will be supported, and there are no more demands to them, than they will be able to handle.

Online Education in August 20-27th  2023 This course is placed at a time that will fit for Australians, Chinese, Eastern time zone countries. So please be aware of this, if you are in this area of the world. Time:  8 – 9.30 break 10 -11.30 (Cest – Danish time).

Physical Education in October, Molino Del Rey, Spain

Prices are now with 25 % VAT

I have been using the last three weeks to count kilometers because the Danish tax-office wishes to see all details from the last five years from both Lars and me. I am so happy to pay whatever to get out of this controlling energy.  I hope to be able to continue Gilalai, when all this is over. In top of the controlling of all movements/income the last five years they wish to add 25 % Vat in top of 50% tax of all income.This means that I am forced to ad 25 % Vat. from now on all prices. Gilalai is a small company and therefore vulnerable. I have to be flexible and find my way through the waves of the changed Danish tax laws, which means that they will take 70 % of any income I will have. So the raised prices are due to the added 25 % VAT.

There are invitations from England, India and other countries, but I prefer to concentrate on building a school now, so that as many sound healers as possible can come into play. I will concentrate in collaboration with the Budwig Institute in Spain and the Israeli Doctor in Jerusalem and see what it brings.

A very high energy is manifesting now, meaning that our minds need to adjust to this frequency. The true healing is happening when our consciousness expands, and miracles/ a flexible mind is a part of this. So if you feel scared from all the results above, I can tell you that I have hesitated to write this mail… but since we are more healers with the same results, I believe God has blessed all what is happening.

Thank you for reading this long Newsletter

Resonance. light and love

Githa Ben-David


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